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Operating instructions for dryer equipment

In order to ensure the personal safety of operators, accurately and reasonably use the drying equipment, and also for the safety and normalization of production, dryer In the process of use, it is necessary to carry out accurate operation according to the contents of the equipment's supporting instructions. The following is a brief introduction to some operation rules.

 Dryer equipment

1、 Operating procedures for dryer

The dryer should be operated by a specially assigned person. The operator should understand the structure and performance of the dryer, be familiar with the correct operation procedures, and operate in strict accordance with the specified procedures to prevent accidents. The operator should cut off the power supply when leaving during the operation. If there is any fault in the machine, the operator should stop the machine immediately and report the situation.

Operation sequence

Start up: turn on the power supply, set the temperature, start the fan first, and then turn on the heating control switch. When the temperature is heated to the set value, turn on the speed control controller to adjust the appropriate conveying speed.

Shutdown: turn off the heating control switch, turn off the fan after 5, and then cut off the power supply of the whole machine.

2、 Daily safety and hygiene of dryer

1) It must be operated by a specially assigned person. The operator must leave during the operation, or if the equipment is not suitable, the power supply must be cut off;

2) After work, clean the equipment and working area of the machine, and keep the machine and working area clean.

3、 Daily maintenance of dryer

Pay attention to the normal operation of the machine. In case of any abnormality or failure, the machine must be shut down for repair.

4、 Key points for safe operation of dryer

1) Before starting the machine, whether there are live or machine beams in the dryer.

2) Before operation, whether there is oil shortage in the parts that need to be oiled.

3) When hanging, two people should hang the machine beam on the track together before releasing it. The machine beam should be parallel when entering the machine.

4) After work, the living should be placed in a standard and orderly manner.

5) The dryer should be cleaned regularly to keep the inside and outside of the dryer clean at any time.

6) When cleaning the dryer, the machine must be shut down; it is strictly forbidden for staff to enter the dryer when starting.

7) It is strictly forbidden for non staff to approach or enter the dryer.

5、 Specific methods for safe operation of dryer

Before work

1) Labor protection appliances must be worn before work.

2) When starting the machine, the transmission parts must be normal.

3) When the dryer is working, it is necessary to observe the normal operation of each part at any time.

at work

1) In case of any abnormality in the operation of the dryer, it shall be stopped immediately and reported to the production leader in time.

2) When the equipment is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the parts inside the dryer with hands or tools to avoid safety.

3) It is strictly forbidden to dry gloves, sleeve aprons and other clothes on the dryer, or place idle objects irrelevant to work.

4) It is forbidden to carry inflammable and explosive substances near the dryer.

After work

1) After the dryer is cut off, the equipment and working area must be cleaned.

2) Different materials and models must be distinguished.

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