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How can dryer achieve high yield and energy saving?

It is self-evident that the production efficiency of dryer is of great importance to the enterprises using it. It can be said that efficiency is life. At present, there are many inefficiencies Dryer equipment This shortcoming limits the application of dryer to a certain extent. The development of high-yield and energy-saving dryer has become the trend of the times, the people's aspiration, and the realistic pursuit of many drying equipment manufacturers. How to achieve high yield and energy saving of dryer? Here are seven methods.


1. Stabilize furnace temperature and improve drying thermal efficiency

1) The original fixed grate hand burning hot blast stove is transformed into coal injection combustion hot blast stove, and the furnace body is lengthened and heightened to expand the volume of hot blast stove and ensure the stable supply of hot air temperature within a certain range.

2) Perfect coal injection system. The hammer crusher can be used to crush the raw coal to less than 1 mm, and then into the coal storage bunker for the use of the dryer hot blast stove. A screw conveyor is set under the coal storage bunker to adjust the rotating speed according to the moisture content of the drying materials and inject coal to the combustion chamber quantitatively.

3) Stable feeding. The manual feeding plug plate is cancelled, and the electromagnetic vibration feeder is added to make it continuously and evenly fed. The original flat idler of belt conveyor is changed into trough type roller to avoid material leakage and material dropping.

2. Strengthen ventilation, sealing and system insulation

In order to reduce the short circuit of cold air, air leakage and heat loss, a double flap valve is added to the discharge and feed chutes of the dryer. The contact seal of dryer head is changed into labyrinth seal device. Eliminate the damage to the cylinder caused by external fire. The cylinder at the hot end of the dryer is lengthened by 1m to extend the drying area and increase the residence time of materials, so as to facilitate heat exchange and bring into play the thermal efficiency.

By changing the air path of the fan, the dust collector operates in negative pressure, and the fan speed is increased by 20%, and the motor power is increased. At the same time, all interfaces should be sealed to meet the negative pressure of the system. The insulation layer of dust collector pipeline adopts 10 mm thick rock wool to reduce condensation.

3. Reasonable layout of lifting board

According to the heating condition of each section of counter flow dryer, the lifting device is designed and arranged. The layout of the lifting plate along the axial direction of the cylinder and the moving direction of the material (discharge direction) is in an inverse spiral shape, which reduces the moving speed of the material. The head and tail of the lifting plate in each adjacent two sections are welded to make the lifting plate on each spiral line a whole, so that it has sufficient strength and overall stiffness, and will not affect the production due to its falling off.

4. Selection of air volume of dust collector

The ventilation of dust remover directly affects the per hour output of the dryer. In order to achieve high yield, it is necessary to select the dust remover with large air volume to ensure that the dryer has a certain negative pressure. The high temperature gas produced by the fluidized bed furnace is sucked into the dryer in time to exchange heat with the drying materials and eliminate it in time. The temperature of waste gas in the dryer can be reduced as much as possible to achieve the purpose of rapid drying. The selection of air volume for waste gas treatment of bag filter of dryer should be based on the specification of dryer, the type of drying materials and the size of moisture. After detailed calculation, the reasonable selection should be made. The ventilation capacity of the dust collector should be 2 times of that of the conventional dryer.

5. Balance of wind, coal and material

The key to high yield of dryer is to balance the air, coal and material. Firstly, determine the ventilation rate of the dust collector and the specification and model of the dryer, and then determine whether the heat supply size of the high-temperature boiling furnace is appropriate. Secondly, the operation should be strengthened, the feeding should be even, the moisture fluctuation should not be too big, the temperature of heat source should be adjusted in time, the temperature of furnace and waste gas should be kept stable, and the ventilation and dust removal should ensure the normal air volume and air pressure. Only by doing this can we achieve high yield and low consumption.

6. Look at the drying problem systematically

The dryer is designed as a system according to the passing capacity of the dryer. The relevant equipment is strictly required to meet the performance index to ensure that the thermal state is still in the dryer output.

7. Follow up

According to the characteristics that the dryer is easy to produce fluctuations in production, it is necessary to provide feasible tracking measures, strictly manage the production process, and ensure that the thermal system of the drying system is under control for a long time, so as to achieve the average energy consumption.

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