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The new feeding device of fly ash dryer greatly improves the production efficiency of the equipment

Fly ash dryer It is the equipment for drying fly ash. In the investigation of users, Red Star Machine received some users' reflection that the normal operation of the dryer was seriously affected by the traditional feeding device of fly ash dryer because it was easy to be burnt out and blocked by blanking, which greatly reduced the service life and production efficiency of the equipment. Red Star found an effective way to help users of fly ash dryer to extend the service life, improve production efficiency, make High yield and energy saving dryer

 Fly ash dryer

Fly ash is a kind of pozzolanic mixed material formed by high temperature combustion of pulverized coal. It is a power plant that burns coal, grinds coal into pulverized coal below 100 microns, and injects preheated air into the furnace chamber to form suspension state after combustion, which produces high-temperature flue gas mixed with a large number of incombustible substances. After being collected by dust collecting device, fly ash is obtained.

Based on the analysis of the feed inlet of the fly ash dryer, the Red Star Machine suggests that the vertical and horizontal feeding device, i.e. the new spiral feeding device, should be used in the fly ash dryer. The main function of the vertical feeder is to feed according to the amount, because it has a mixing device at the bottom of the cone and a screw device at the bottom, which can well press the material out of the feeder and avoid the problems such as blockage caused by unclean discharge for a long time. There are two kinds of transverse feeding, one is single screw, the other is double helix. The single screw feeder should be installed in the upper body of the fly ash dryer, which can effectively send materials into the body. In addition, some small holes should be set at the outlet of the screw feeder to disperse the materials, so as to avoid the phenomenon of large material block caused by sticking and difficult drying.

Low viscosity, easy to dry single feed. The double screw feeder is different from the single screw feeder. The materials with high viscosity, high moisture and difficult drying can be well dispersed and dried. Its structure is different from that of the single screw feeder. Compared with the big screw feeder, the composition is more complex. It is composed of the shell and the counter spiral with angle blades, and there is a gap between the two weeks, so that the air flow and materials can be well communicated Yes. The screw feeding device of dryer mainly includes feed end, spiral blade, drum body and guide plate. The rear end of the spiral blade is fixedly welded with the inner wall of the cylinder body, the front end is fixedly welded with the baffle plate, the spiral blades are radially connected through transverse support, the end face of the baffle plate is provided with a circular support plate, and the guide plate is fixedly welded with the inner wall of the cylinder body.

When the material enters from the feed port, the material will stay in the spiral blade of the dryer instantly, and the spiral blade will rotate through the rotation of the dryer cylinder to feed. Under the action of spiral blades, the materials enter the spiral guide area of the dryer drum under various forces, and move to the discharge end of the drum under the action of the guide plate of the dryer cylinder.

It has been verified by repeated experiments, Red Star Machine It is found that the new spiral feeding device is more suitable for the present fly ash dryer and can be greatly improved Service life of equipment And productivity.

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