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How can manufacturers ensure the advantages of dryers?

The enterprise who has the advantage in the development of its products has the advantage of survival. As a responsible manufacturer, whether it can be better in products will determine whether it can provide customers with more economical and practical Dryer equipment


The development and application of drying to the present, as a project, its quality and drying theory level, scientific development, dryer equipment structure, material selection, processing and manufacturing methods, manufacturing technology is very close, so it is of great economic and practical significance to formulate a reasonable and scientific processing and manufacturing scheme.

1、 Manufacturing materials selected for dryer

Material of dryer It is an important element to determine the cost of drying machine. Reasonable and correct selection of materials is an important means to control the price of drying equipment. Therefore, the selection of dryer materials should pay attention to the following aspects.

1) Material selection for dryer installation environment.

2) Select materials for dryer type.

3) It can meet the needs of wet material. The drying equipment is widely used in many fields, such as pharmacy, chemical industry, paper, metallurgy, mineral and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate materials to manufacture drying equipment according to the characteristics of moisture content in materials.

4) According to the corrosivity of the material itself. When selecting the materials for drying machine manufacturing, it is necessary to meet the characteristics of the materials required for drying.

5) According to the thermal conductivity of the material itself. Dryer is to heat and material contact, so as to dry materials. This requires that the materials used in the manufacture of the dryer have good thermal conductivity. In drying some special materials, only stainless steel is not able to meet the requirements, so wear-resistant materials can be used in some parts of the dryer.

6) According to the hot air temperature required for drying materials. In the selection of dryer materials, attention should be paid to the selection of some materials with temperature resistance. Some common high temperature resistant materials are not suitable. Some high temperature and low temperature resistant materials should be used.

7) According to the strength and hardness of the material itself. To ensure Service life of dryer In order to reduce the trouble caused by wear and tear, the materials selected in the manufacturing process of the dryer should also consider the strong hardness, such as the selection of the cylinder material of the main part of the dryer.

2、 Anticorrosion and antirust treatment of dryer equipment

The common dryer is composed of welding parts, flat plate and cylinder. Therefore, the anti-corrosion and anti rust treatment of drying equipment is also a crucial link in dryer manufacturing.

1) Electrostatic powder spraying. In the drying equipment manufacturing application, the traditional paint coating is liquid, which contains a lot of organic solvents such as ester ketone and hydrocarbon, which brings a series of troubles to the production, storage, transportation and construction. It is inflammable, explosive and unsafe. Electrostatic powder spraying can improve this situation.

2) Phosphating passivation process. Through electrical and electrochemical reaction and one-time treatment, the surface of the iron and steel workpiece full of rust can present the original color of the metal, and at the same time, a dense antirust film can be formed on the metal surface.

3、 Refractories for dryer equipment

The refractory part of the dryer is the main factor to prolong the service life of the dryer. The refractory parts directly affect the operation rate of the dryer. If a large number of fire materials are shut down for maintenance, not only the intensity of maintenance is increased, but also the normal operation of the dryer is affected. The processing cost is relatively increased, thus bringing huge economic losses. The service life of refractories mainly depends on the operating conditions of the dryer, the corresponding process and the selection of refractories. The correct and effective masonry of refractories will be the key to the service life of the machine. It will not only help to prolong the service life, but also eliminate some stresses that should lead to premature failure; the wrong masonry method will greatly shorten the service life of the refractory.

1) Using firebrick to build the feed inlet of the dryer, the brick almost covers the outer edge of the dryer. The dryer is not easy to burn out and deform, thus prolonging the service life of the dryer.

2) Firebrick can resist high temperature, compression and corrosion, prolong service life, reduce maintenance cost and shutdown loss.

3) This kind of masonry maintenance has no effect on the air inlet of the dryer. In the case of nothing blocking, the air inlet of the fire inlet under the feed inlet is more ideal.

4) With the application of refractory materials, the fire and hot gas can be concentrated to the middle, and the air leakage and material leakage are eliminated. The flame in the furnace enters the dryer far away.

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