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Price of sand dryer

On the market already can see the appearance is different, the performance is diverse, the use is more comprehensive Sand Dryer It can be seen that the sand dryer has entered a period of strong demand. In order to make our sand dryer price market competitive advantage more obvious, we increase the sand dryer automation upgrade.

 Sand Dryer

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Our company designed sand dryer into double or multi-layer transmission belt, which not only saves the floor area of the machine, but also increases the length of the drying chamber of the dryer. As long as the processed material is a fixed variety, it is not necessary to select a speed regulating motor, so as to save a certain cost. In fact, we can choose the standard chain for the non-standard chain made by the sand dryer equipment factory, which improves the degree of standardization, but also reduces the cost and is easy to ensure For the positioning mode of driven sprocket and driven shaft, we have selected the flat key. We can consider not setting the flat key. After adjusting the position of the driven sprocket on the driven shaft, the positioning pin is used for positioning, which will provide convenience for adjusting the synchronous work of the chain. In addition, we have also come up with the idea of stabilizing the furnace temperature, improving the thermal efficiency of slag dryer, transforming the original fixed grate hand burning hot blast stove into coal injection combustion hot blast stove, and lengthening and heightening the furnace body, so that the volume of the hot blast stove is increased from 47.8 cubic meters to 57.2 cubic meters, so as to ensure the stable supply of hot air temperature in the range of 800 ° C ~ 1000 ° C. The overall transformation makes the production cost of our sand dryer greatly reduced, and the price of sand dryer is naturally lower than before, but our transformation ensures the efficient production of sand dryer, which can be described as good quality and low price.

Such upgrading and transformation can make other businesses and enterprises see the unique part of their own sand dryer, together with the modern and developed scientific and technological strength, the mechanical performance of sand dryer and It is certain that there will be more outstanding performance, subvert traditional thinking in the production concept, innovate new development direction, bring more development routes to the commodities of various industries, and become the main driver of the economy.

In addition, the price of our domestic sand dryer is low. Compared with the overseas market, the raw materials and processing costs of the sand dryer in the domestic market are very low. The price of the dryer products is only one third of the foreign equivalent products. From the perspective of import and export, with the advantage of price, the total import decreased slightly and the export increased by a large margin.

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