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Seven advantages of high efficiency and energy saving of rotary dryer

With many problems brought about by the transformation of the earth, people rationally understand that resources are not inexhaustible, and energy conservation has become a worldwide topic. Rotary Dryer The energy-saving function of rotary dryer will not be paid attention to in the process of energy saving. The reason why rotary dryer can be so efficient and energy-saving lies in its seven advantages.

 Rotary Dryer

1. New X-type lifting plate is adopted

The X-shaped lifting plate is assembled in several sections in the dryer. The materials entering the dryer are firstly brought to a certain height by the circumferential lifting plate, and then the lifting material is thrown down. The backward material is thrown into the middle X-shaped lifting plate, and the material is thrown from the upper X-shaped lifting plate to the lower X-shaped lifting plate again, so as to form layered throwing materials. Due to the continuous dropping of materials in the X-type lifting plate, the residence time of materials in the X-type lifting plate is prolonged, and the exchange opportunity between materials and hot air is increased, thus the heat exchange efficiency in the dryer is improved. At the same time, because the material is repeatedly thrown down in the X lifting plate, it has a certain crushing effect, and the drying is greatly improved.

2. Ensure overall thermal insulation

As the rotary dryer is a closed micro negative pressure system, the heat loss of any link will affect the production equipment. The dryer is made of rare earth energy-saving and heat preservation material, refined by scientific formula, and has the advantages of good heat preservation, convenient operation and long service life. After heat preservation on the surface of the outer cylinder of the dryer, the surface temperature is no more than 20 ℃ of the ambient temperature, and the exhaust gas outlet temperature of the dryer is significantly increased, and the coal saving rate is 10% ~ 15%.

3. Using fluidized bed furnace

The investment of fluidized bed furnace is relatively large, and it is mostly used for large dryer with ¢ 2.2m. The fluidized bed boiler has a large volume, a powerful air supply system and a complete set of automatic coal supply, crushing and conveying systems. The coal supply is uniform, stable and highly automatic. Under the action of the bottom fan, the lump coal with small particles burns at high temperature, with high combustion temperature and sufficient heat. In addition, the fluidized bed boiler has the unique advantage of using inferior coal.

4. Balance of Fenghuo materials

In order to achieve high production of rotary drum dryer, it is necessary to achieve the balance of wind and fire materials, determine the ventilation rate of dust collector and the specification and model of dryer, and secondly, determine whether the heat supply size of high-temperature boiling furnace is appropriate. Third, the feeding should be uniform, the moisture fluctuation should not be too big, the temperature of heat source should be adjusted in time, the furnace temperature and exhaust gas temperature should be kept stable, and the ventilation and dust removal should ensure the normal air volume and air pressure. If we achieve these three points, we can achieve high yield and low consumption.

5. Saving electric energy with frequency converter

The fan used in rotary dryer is generally very large, and the fan is continuous operation, but if you use frequency converter, you can achieve energy saving. In order to meet the different requirements of different materials on the rotation speed of the dryer, and if the conditions permit, properly increase the rotation speed of the dryer and increase the lifting height of the dryer, which can better sprinkle materials and dry better. Moreover, the noise of the whole equipment will be reduced a lot, and the service life of the equipment will be prolonged. And it will save 30% power. You can also add a dust collector at the back end of the dryer. The fan equipped with the dust remover is larger, which can save twice the electricity cost.

6. Recycling cooling water

Large fans and pumps are used in the rotary dryer, and circulating water is used to cool the motor, which will save a lot of water resources.

7. Using air box pulse bag filter

The exhaust gas of dryer has high moisture content, high concentration, large temperature fluctuation, and high requirements for dust collector. The air box pulse bag filter is suitable for handling high concentration gas. It is an ideal dust collecting equipment for dryer because of its good waterproof property, high temperature resistance and anti condensation.

Energy efficient, energy-efficient drying process can improve the value of the enterprise. At present, there are not many dryer equipment that can achieve high efficiency and energy saving. In order to protect our own interests, Please go to the factory to purchase

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