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Application value of dryer in cement industry

Brief introduction of cement dryer

Rotary Dryer Rotary dryer It is commonly used for drying raw materials and fuels in cement plants Dryer equipment Cement dryer can dry clay, pulverized coal, fly ash, slag, etc. it plays an important role in the production process of cement plant, and it is the requirement of large-scale and high-efficiency development of cement production. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, small space occupation, high thermal efficiency, low investment, strong adaptability and reliable operation.

Picture of cement dryer

 Cement dryer

Application of cement dryer in production

When dry coal is used in the production of cement and coal powder, it is necessary to dry and mix the raw materials. The moisture content of the feed material has a great influence on the output of the mill, the output of the mill and the operation of the mill. The moisture content of the feed material is high, and the fine material will adhere to the grinding body, lining plate and partition board, which will reduce the grinding efficiency; moreover, the high moisture content of the feed material will inevitably worsen the operating conditions of the mill and bring difficulties to the operation and control. In addition, the mixture ratio of the material fed into the mill will be changed by the fluctuation of moisture in the material, thus the output of the mill product will also be affected. Therefore, the drying process for removing excessive moisture from materials is cement production It is an essential and important link in.

Performance advantages of cement dryer

1. The unique sleeve sleeve structure can shorten the length of cement dryer by multiple times, thus greatly reducing the heat dissipation surface, which can greatly reduce the useless heat consumption;

2. With the patent, the heat exchange surface inside the dryer is doubled, and the utilization of heat energy is greatly improved;

3. The unique structure of big gear and cylinder is adopted to ensure the concentricity;

4. The drying time can be adjusted by using a variety of circumferential lifting plates, with high heat exchange efficiency, good ash cleaning and low power consumption;

5. Aiming at the special materials that can't touch the smoke, the multi drum cement dryer is designed. The inner and the annular smoke pipes are provided in the inner and outer cylinders respectively. The radial flue is used to connect the smoke pipes, which can not only guide the smoke, but also improve the utilization of heat energy.

Drying technology of cement dryer

The materials to be dried are sent to the hopper by the conveying equipment, and then enter the feeding end of the cement dryer through the feeding device. The cylinder of the cement dryer is slightly inclined to the horizontal line. The materials to be dried enter from the higher feed end of the dryer, and the hot gas enters from the lower end (this is counter flow operation, and the equipment can be designed to be forward flow type according to the process requirements of users). Under the combined action of the rotation of the dryer and its own gravity, the materials inside the cement dryer are dried while running to the lower discharge end. In the process of moving, it can exchange heat energy with hot air directly or indirectly, so as to achieve drying. The dried materials are discharged at the discharge end and transported away by the conveying equipment.

On the speed of cement dryer

As long as the thermal equipment, there will be problems, such as low production, high coal consumption, low thermal efficiency. These problems exist in the production of rotary dryer. The important reason is that the rotation speed of drying cylinder is unreasonable, which causes the wind tunnel to be too large. The size of the wind tunnel is affected by the speed of drying cylinder. Too fast or too slow will affect the drying speed and output of materials. The area of the material on the cross section of the cylinder is reduced when the rotating speed is fast or slow. The state of the dryer is the drying cylinder of reasonable speed, material dispersion, heat exchange. The size of the wind tunnel is also affected by the structural angle of L-shaped lifting plate. At present, the rotary dryer with fixed speed is widely used in China, and the speed is generally 3-5R / min. it is not considered to use the rotating speed to make the equipment work in the state, and the influence of the structural size of the lifting plate on the rotating speed is not considered.

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