Calcination of petroleum coke in rotary kiln of carbon plant


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Calcination of petroleum coke in rotary kiln of carbon plant

In the production of aluminum electrolytic carbon, Rotary kiln It is the equipment for burning petroleum coke. The rotary kiln can remove water and volatile matter of petroleum coke, promote the gasification of monomer sulfur and decomposition of combined sulfur, so as to improve the true density, mechanical strength, conductivity and oxidation resistance of petroleum coke.

Main parameters of calcination

The temperature of calcination zone should not be lower than 1250 ℃ and not higher than 1350 ℃.

Petroleum coke calcining equipment

There are three kinds of calcining equipment, including rotary kiln, pot calciner and electric calciner. At present, most carbon plants use rotary kiln. This paper introduces rotary kiln.

 Rotary kiln

Structure of rotary kiln

The rotary kiln is composed of a rotary kiln and a rotary kiln Cooler form. Rotary kiln includes kiln tail device, kiln body, kiln head device, combustion device, secondary air device, induced draft fan, dust removal facilities, smoke exhaust pipeline, chimney, etc.

The structure of the cooler is similar to that of the rotary kiln, but it is much simpler. Its function is: on the one hand, it can cool materials, on the other hand, it can also save heat energy.

Advantages and disadvantages of rotary kiln

Advantages: simple structure, large capacity, high degree of production mechanization, relatively less investment, easy cleaning.

Disadvantages: the burning loss of raw materials is relatively large (generally about 10%).

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