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Vertical dryer

Introduction of vertical dryer

Vertical dryer In the case of large-scale coal briquette design and large-scale operation, large-scale and large-scale operation of briquette, the successful application of large-scale coal briquette in large-scale design, large-scale operation, and large-scale operation of briquette are the main problems. In the product, it fully embodies the applicable innovation, expansion efficiency, cost reduction and improvement. Vertical dryer is an ideal equipment for briquette production line for its safety in production and environmental protection. More than 15-15% of the power consumption of the vertical dryer has been widely used in the cement plant.

 Vertical dryer

Structure of vertical dryer

The vertical dryer is mainly composed of induced draft fan part, drying furnace part, feeding and discharging part. The formed "water ball" is transported to the top of furnace by belt conveyor and evenly distributed to the whole section of furnace top by distributing device. The briquette moves down slowly by gravity and exchanges heat with strong wind. The moisture from briquette steam is carried away by strong wind at random. In this way, the full drying is achieved!

Main application of vertical dryer

The moisture content of pulverized coal is usually 12-14% after being pressed by briquetting machine. After drying, the moisture content is reduced to 2-4%, which can meet the requirements of strength and storage and transportation. On this basis, after adaptive transformation, the moisture content can be reduced to less than 1.5%, and the particles such as pellets and coal rods can also be dried.

Features of vertical dryer

(1) It has low investment and covers an area of 25m2 without workshop;

(2) Heat resistant and wear-resistant alloy casting is adopted inside, which has long service life and convenient maintenance;

(3) It is difficult to seal the dryer and the furnace due to large air leakage;

(4) Countercurrent operation, high thermal efficiency and fast drying rate. The outlet concentration is only 10 g / m3;

(5) Slide by gravity without power;

(6) Multi group grate basin and grate cone can be used, with different angle and different spacing design. It is suitable for drying slag, clay, sand, coal, iron powder and ore.

Advantages of vertical dryer

Compared with the current backflow drying furnace, the investment of vertical dryer is reduced by 1 / 2, the floor area is 1 / 5-1 / 3, and the energy consumption and operation cost are greatly reduced. It is easy to connect and automate with other equipment in the production line. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain. There is no mechanical moving parts in the drying oven body, so there is no need for daily maintenance. Continuous operation, high efficiency and high output. The vertical dryer saves a lot of manpower, reduces the labor intensity, saves the site and expands the output.

Red Star Machinery The vertical dryer is not based on the traditional drying furnace. However, under the condition of no rules to follow, in the face of large investment, large floor area and high failure rate, according to the drying characteristics of industrial briquette, using the principle of low temperature, large air volume and gravity, the product has been successfully developed for several years through R & D design, industrial test, product upgrading and large-scale operation. In the drying process of the product, it fully embodies the applicable innovation, expanding efficiency, reducing cost and improving. Safety production and environmental protection are ideal equipment for briquette production line drying.

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