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Operation method of drum dryer

 Drum dryer

Drum dryer The normal exertion of production capacity cannot be separated from the correct use and operation. The dryer operator should meet the skill requirements and do a good job in the pre startup, start-up and shutdown operation and operation.

1、 Pre boot

1. Do not operate the dryer under the following conditions:

(1) The storage of raw materials and fuels can not guarantee the dryer to be used in a certain period of time. When the lifting plate in the cylinder is short of 30%, it is forbidden to start the dryer.

(2) The connection parts and anchor bolts of each part are loose, and abnormal vibration, noise, impact, heat and series movement of parts and components of rotating and supporting devices are found.

(3) When there are faults that may damage the normal operation of the equipment.

2. The following preparations shall be made before starting the vehicle:

(1) The hot blast stove (including the supporting equipment of the system) and all parts of the dryer should be comprehensively checked and confirmed before starting.

(2) Air duct, control valve and blower.

(3) Whether the feeding and discharging devices are obstructed.

2、 Start stop sequence

1. Start up sequence:

(1) Light up the stove.

(2) Start the dryer to make the system temperature above dew point.

(3) Start the wet and dry material transport equipment.

2. Shutdown sequence:

(1) Stop feeding into furnace and press fire 30 before shutdown.

(2) Drain the dryer materials.

(3) Stop the dryer.

(4) After parking, rotate the cylinder slowly every 10-15 until it cools to prevent deformation. Emergency shutdown: in case of shutdown, in addition to pressing the fire immediately, stop the engine according to the above method and rotate the cylinder until it cools down.

3、 In operation

1. Whether the lubricating oil is suitable.

2. Check whether the feeding and discharging are smooth, whether there is blockage, and timely clean up.

3. Whether there is abnormal noise and abnormal operation of the motor.

4. Lubrication condition of each bearing.

5. Tighten all loose bolts.

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