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Distiller's grains dryer

Brief introduction of distiller's grains dryer

Wet distiller's grains are easy to deteriorate and pollute the environment during transportation and storage. In recent years, many breweries have begun to process beer by-products, which can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also increase economic benefits. Distiller's grains dryer is a necessary equipment for distiller's grains drying. It can quickly dehydrate and dry the wet brewer's grains with moisture content of about 85% to dry products with moisture content of about 10%.

Structure and principle of distiller's grains dryer

Distiller's grains dryer is mainly composed of heat supply, feeding machine, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, induced draft fan, unloader and power distribution cabinet. After the dehydrated wet distiller's grains are put into the dryer, the evenly distributed papermaking board in the drum is turned, and dryer The heat and mass transfer in the drying process is accelerated. In the drying process, the distiller's grains are discharged to the other star discharge valve of the dryer under the action of the inclined plate and hot medium.

Advantages of distiller's grains dryer

1. High drying efficiency

High temperature and fast Drying process The utilization rate of hot air temperature is 40% higher than that of ordinary low temperature drying method. The heat source system with heat efficiency up to 90% makes the comprehensive thermal efficiency as high as 73%. A part of the hot air is sent from the tail end to the head end to continue heating to reduce the heat loss.

 Distiller's grains dryer

2. Dry.

Low cost coal or biogas can be used as heat source material to reduce fuel cost. The whole process automation reduces the input of human cost. Multi layer structure, reduce heat loss.

3. High drying strength.

The hourly water consumption can reach 6000kg, continuous production.

4. The product quality is good.

The multi-layer settlement structure and material refinement structure are adopted to reduce the dust pollution to the materials. High temperature rapid process can reduce the loss of organic elements in materials. The fuzzy control makes the moisture content of the dried material even.

 Distiller's grains dryer

5. Production safety: Full automatic flame proof and explosion-proof device, production.

6. The structure is excellent and simple, the resistance of material passing through the cylinder is small, the operation is stable and the operation is convenient.

7. Low power consumption, low maintenance cost, low maintenance cost.

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