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Price of slime dryer

Coal slime itself has the characteristics of high moisture, high viscosity, high water holding capacity and low calorific value coal slime dryer After drying, the slime can be used comprehensively and the economic value can be improved. So, How to choose a slime dryer What factors should be paid attention to when purchasing Price of slime dryer What is the situation like Here's the answer.

Common sense of choosing slime dryer

1. To purchase a slime dryer, you should first understand your own actual situation (industry competition in the region, raw material cost price, sales, etc.)

2. Consult the slime drying manufacturer, let the engineers do the preliminary project budget and relevant market analysis for us.

 coal slime dryer

3. According to the local actual situation and budget, determine the size of the project.

4. On the spot investigation, to investigate whether the company (qualification, scale, staffing, corporate culture), whether the case site is real (drying, production capacity, customers).

5. After comparing the goods, the manufacturer shall be determined according to the actual situation of the investigation, and the price negotiation shall be conducted (be careful to prevent some manufacturers from cheating by using the word game in the contract, unilaterally breaking the contract, and substituting inferior products for good ones). It will cause you unnecessary loss.

The main determinants of the price of slime dryer are as follows:

1. Price of raw materials

The price of some raw materials and equipment is bound to affect the price positioning of the upstream industry. The main raw material for producing slime dryer is steel, so the price of steel will control the price of slime dryer. The increase of steel price will directly increase the production cost of slime dryer, so the price of the whole equipment will be correspondingly increased. Otherwise, the manufacturer has no profit, and the enterprise will not be able to operate normally. The price of steel is strong in the world. Generally, the price of steel imported and exported in the world restricts the market price of the whole steel.

2. Manufacturer's and management level

Perfect, complete production equipment, first-class will certainly reduce production costs. The overall management of production workers, division of labor and cooperation will also reduce production costs. Perfect system, exquisite dryer manufacturers will not increase the price of equipment under the premise of efforts to reduce costs.

In short, there are more than two factors affecting the price of slime dryer equipment, and the scale and batch production of enterprises will also affect more or less. Therefore, when selecting equipment, in the case of small price difference, we should go to the regular manufacturers and enterprises with considerable scale to make a wise decision.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a slime dryer?

In view of how customers should purchase the equipment they need, the dryer reminds them that in addition to the factors of material dryness, material physicochemical properties, commodity value and drying, other factors should be considered when purchasing slime dryer

1. Drying production requirements and long-term planning.

2. The upper and lower process of material drying process. (state method involving feeding and discharging)

3. Requirements for material recovery rate.

4. Available heat sources (coal, fuel oil, electricity, gas, liquefied gas, natural gas)

5. The past drying methods of materials or similar products.

6. Environmental protection requirements -- restrictions on dust emission, noise, vibration, volatile matter, etc.

7. Installation site size, whether there are special requirements.

8. Operator level and maintenance capability of users.

9. The possible amount of purchase funds, local labor, land and energy prices.

10. Local annual average temperature and humidity.

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