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Drum dryer

Brief introduction of drum dryer

Drum dryer is suitable for drying magnetic, heavy and floating concentrate of metal and nonmetal ore, clay of cement industry and slime of coal mine industry. It is characterized by high productivity and easy operation. Drum dryer is also known as drum dryer or drum dryer, which is characterized by high productivity and easy operation.

 Drum dryer

Advantages of drum dryer

1. Different equipment forms can be selected according to different materials, such as one-way, two-way, and three-way. Because the machine can be used in many materials, it has great applicability.

2. It can make full use of the hot air, dry the material quickly, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong material processing capacity and production.

3. The sealing device is used at both ends of the cylinder, and the fuel used is only more than 40% of the same kind of products. All drying standards meet the domestic requirements.

Classification of drum dryers

According to the heat transfer mode between the drying medium and the wet material, it can be divided into two types: direct heat transfer drum dryer (the drying medium and the wet material directly contact to transfer heat) and indirect heat transfer drum dryer (the heat needed for drying is indirectly transferred to the wet material by the cylinder wall). Indirect heat transfer drum dryer is rarely used due to its low transmission efficiency and complex structure, which is not introduced here. Direct heat transfer drum dryer, according to the direction of drying medium and material flow, can be divided into two types: forward flow and counter current. The main body of the direct heat transfer drum dryer is a rotating cylinder slightly inclined to the horizontal line. The cylinder is driven by gears, and the rotating speed is generally 2 ~ 6R / min. the inclination of the cylinder is related to its length, usually between 1 ° and 5 °. The material is fed from the higher part of the drum and contacts with the hot air. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material flows to the lower end under the action of gravity and is dried and discharged. As the dryer works under negative pressure, sealing devices are used at the feed and discharge ends to avoid air leakage.

Drum dryer accessories

Dryer motor, reducer, coupling, big gear, pinion, dryer pinion cover and other dryer accessories.

1. The gear cover of dryer is composed of two 4mm thick side plates, one 3mm thick top plate and two cover clamps. All welds are fillet welds.

2. The large and small gears of dryer are composed of precision gear, motor gear, spur gear, precision non-standard gear, etc.

3. Dryer coupling WGP drum gear coupling with brake disc, ltz elastic sleeve pin coupling with brake wheel, jmij diaphragm coupling.

4. Dryer reducer, parallel shaft helical gear reducer, cycloid pin wheel reducer, etc.

5. Dryer accessories such as: gear seat, supporting wheel, bearing seat, sealing ring, coupling, retaining ring, inner ring, rolling ring, stop wheel, spring plate, lifting plate and various standard and non-standard parts.

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