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Application of drum dryer with three different cylinder structure designs

 rattler-drying machinery

At present, rattler-drying machinery It is widely used in industry drying equipment The drying efficiency of the equipment is closely related to the design of the cylinder. Today we will analyze the application of several dryer with different cylinder structure design.

1. Single drum dryer

The materials of single drum dryer slip into the cylinder body from the feeding box and the feeding material. The structure design is simple and the operation is very convenient. However, the heat transfer and exchange area is small, the filling coefficient is small, the heat loss is large, and the floor area is large, so it is not commonly used in production, so it is not introduced in detail.

2. Sleeve dryer

The cylinder body of the machine is designed as three cylinders: inner cylinder, middle cylinder and outer cylinder. In this way, three spaces are formed, which can fully dry the materials when working. Compared with the traditional drum dryer, its main features are as follows:

(1) The design and structure of the sleeve are novel and reasonable. The heat exchange area of drying materials is increased, the drying efficiency is improved, and the output is more than twice that of single drum dryer.

(2) The heat exchange time between hot gas and material is long, the thermal efficiency is good and the energy consumption is low.

(3) The machine is compact in structure and small in floor area. It is widely used in building materials, mining, chemical industry and other industries.

3. Heat transfer dryer

In order to increase the heat transfer area of the material, the processing plate is designed to be serrated, which is connected with the cylinder wall and ultra-thin to form a sandwich cavity. The machine has the following features:

(1) It can be used for materials with lower ignition point which are not in direct contact with hot flue gas.

(2) Dry.

(3) For the fuel requirements are not high, can burn bituminous coal, anthracite, pulverized coal, etc.

(4) High yield, good thermal efficiency, simple operation and strong stability.

At present, there are two main types of drum dryer used in modern production. We Hongxing dryer manufacturer It can improve the advanced drum dryer, reasonable cylinder structure design, low energy consumption, and ensure the economic benefits of production.

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