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Model, specification and drying principle of Red Star dryer

Introduction of Red Star dryer

The dryer is widely used in drying clay, slag, limestone, fuel and so on. During drying, hot air or hot flue gas will transfer heat to the material to make water evaporate. At the same time, depending on the function of ventilation equipment, the drying medium in the drying equipment is constantly updated to remove water vapor. Dryer is often used in mineral processing process to meet the requirements of grinding conditions and to dry the selected concentrate. Rotary dryer, fluid dryer and so on are commonly used in cement industry.

 Red Star dryer

Dryer model and specification

The drying equipment generally uses hot flue gas for convective drying. The cylinder of dryer is generally of single straight cylinder type. When installed, the cylinder body is inclined to the horizontal, and the materials enter from it, and slowly flow to the low end with the rotation of the cylinder body, and then unload. In small and medium-sized cement plants, the cylinder length of dryer is generally 6-20m to ensure the residence time of materials in the dryer and meet the drying process requirements. The hot gas flow from hot blast stove and materials exchange heat in the form of forward flow or counter current in the cylinder.

Drying principle of dryer

When the material is added from the higher end, the heat carrier enters from the low end and contacts with the material countercurrent, and some heat carrier and material flow into the cylinder together. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material moves to the lower end under the action of gravity. When the wet material moves forward in the cylinder, the heat is directly or indirectly obtained from the heat carrier, so that the wet material can be dried, and then sent out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharge end. The inner wall of the cylinder is equipped with a copying board, whose function is to copy and scatter the materials, so as to increase the contact surface between the material and the air flow, so as to improve the drying rate and promote the material to move forward. Heat carrier is generally divided into hot air, flue gas and so on. After the heat carrier passes through the dryer, the cyclone dust collector is generally needed to capture the materials carried in the gas. If it is necessary to further reduce the dust content of tail gas, it should be discharged after passing through bag filter or wet dust collector.

Features of dryer

1. According to the drying requirements, the feeding amount can be controlled and different drying temperature and drying time can be set.

2. The cylinder body is made of stainless steel plate with excellent heat resistance, which can increase the contact area.

3. High efficiency heat supply device and reasonable air duct make hot air contact with material directly Improve drying efficiency At the same time, it saves energy.

4. Large diameter material inlet and outlet, convenient for material in and out. Large area of impurity collection network, not easy to cause blockage, to protect the smooth air duct, thus greatly improving the drying efficiency.

All stainless steel shell is beautiful and durable.

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