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Slime drying and efficient utilization of equipment resources


A large amount of slime will be produced in the production process of coal preparation plant. This kind of coal slime has high moisture content, low combustion efficiency and can not be used. Long term storage in coal preparation plant will also bring serious environmental problems. In order to make efficient use of slime, we studied the drying of slime.

We analyzed the properties of slime: high viscosity. The particle size of the material itself is fine, the water content is high, and there are a lot of clay minerals in it, so that the mud has great viscosity. High humidity and high water content. The particle size is fine. The ash content is high and the calorific value is low. This kind of coal slime can be effectively used after efficient drying and processing. As a new type of coal slime drying, it has a wide application prospect, which can unify the environmental protection processing of coal slime and the economic and environmental benefits.

1、 Slime drying

At present, the so-called coal slime filter is used to dry the slime in the water. The water content of coal slime recovered by plate and frame filter press is generally 23% - 28%, which is in the shape of filter cake with different sizes of 35cm-0cm after being transferred by conveyor. The coal slime drying process is as follows: plate and frame filter press - Conveyor One screw feed box I coal slime dryer A drying conveyor and a commercial coal conveyor, in which the slime dryer is the core equipment.

2、 Slime dryer

 coal slime dryer

The slime dryer system is mainly composed of heat source system (hot blast stove, gas generator, fluidized bed furnace), feeding system, conveying system, drying system, dust removal system, induced draft equipment and electrical control system. It has the following characteristics:

1. The flue gas and the wet material enter the drying equipment from the same side by adopting the forward flow drying method. The high evaporation intensity can be obtained by using the high temperature flue gas. The outlet temperature of the dryer is low and the thermal efficiency is high.

2. The new internal structure strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed materials, eliminates the sticking phenomenon on the inner wall of the cylinder, and is more adaptable to the moisture and viscosity of the materials.

3. The product size and moisture can be controlled according to the user's requirements. When the coal slime is dried, the moisture content of the product can be less than 8%, and the particle size can be controlled below 8 mm.

4. The treatment capacity is large, the operation is simple, the precipitation range of slime is large, and the thermal efficiency is high.

3、 Application

A power company has been burning 352927 tons of slime from April 2012 to the end of 2012. Compared with 320957 tons in 2011, 31970 tons of slime were increased. According to the theory of 1 ton of slime, it is equivalent to 0.664 tons of raw coal. The price of mixed coal is 503 yuan, and the direct economic benefit in 2012 is 1067.8.

The drying of coal slime in coal preparation plant has brought about environmental pollution caused by long-term storage of coal slime and the problem that the slime can not be disposed after recovery, which increases the economic and social benefits of comprehensive utilization of coal products, clean production and meets the needs of sustainable development strategy of coal industry.

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