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Reasons for low thermal efficiency of dryer and improvement measures

Reasons for low thermal efficiency of dryer

With the passage of time, one of the problems of low efficiency of drying machine has become a big problem for users. The following is our company's approval of dryer The reasons of low thermal efficiency are summarized

1. Single lifting plate, uneven distribution, material distribution and drying cylinder space are different.

2. A wind tunnel will be formed in the dryer cylinder. Due to the small resistance of the wind tunnel, the hot air will be lost from the wind tunnel, resulting in a large amount of heat loss, low heat contact and exchange, and the final thermal efficiency of the dryer is low.


3. The average particle size and specific surface area of the material are too large, which is one of the reasons that affect the heat exchange rate.

4. The configuration of driving motor is too low, which can not intelligently adjust the rotation number of the dryer according to the initial moisture content of the material, nor can it adjust the machine speed to meet the drying needs of different feeding amounts.

Improvement measures for low thermal efficiency of dryer

1. Improvement of lifting plate

Firstly, the lifting plates with the same shape are staggered; secondly, the combined lifting plates are adopted to make the drying materials form a complete curtain on the cross section of the drying cylinder under the action of different directions and lifting plates, so as to improve heat transfer and reduce heat loss.

2. New high efficiency crusher with drying

A high-efficiency crusher is added to further crush the dried materials and increase the specific surface area of the dryer feed by 2-3 times. In this way, the thermal efficiency can be increased by 2-3 times due to the increase of heat exchange area between material and hot air under the same heat energy condition.

 High efficiency crusher

3. Improvement of driving motor

Use speed regulating motor instead. According to the initial moisture content of the dryer, the operator can freely adjust the speed of the dryer within the speed range of 2 ~ 8R / min, so that the final moisture of drying materials can meet the requirements and save energy consumption.

4. Dryer cylinder with insulation layer

The drum of the old dryer is directly contacted with the outside air, which gives off a lot of heat energy. We adopt the insulation method of wrapping the cylinder with asbestos to avoid unnecessary waste of heat energy. Practice has proved that this measure can save 15% heat energy.

The above is an effective way to improve the capacity of dryer by improving the configuration Improve the thermal efficiency of dryer At the same time, it also improves the drying process, energy saving and consumption saving, has a wide range of promotion value, and provides a solid condition for the enterprise's overall production increase and energy saving.

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