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Sand dryers can also dry steel slag

Introduction of sand dryer

Sand Dryer Also known as the yellow sand dryer. It is a kind of drying equipment which can deal with a lot of materials. The drying system of sand dryer consists of heating system, heat exchange system and ventilation and dust removal system. We all know that sand dryer must be used to dry sand, in fact, the use of sand dryer is very extensive.

 Sand Dryer

Sand dryer is generally suitable for granular materials, and can also be used for dry sticky paste materials or materials with high water content. It is suitable for drying river sand, dry mixed mortar, yellow sand, cement plant slag, clay, coal gangue, mixture, fly ash, gypsum, iron powder and other raw materials. The moisture content of dried materials can reach below 0.5%. Especially for drying steel slag.


The wet steel slag enters the inner layer of the sand dryer drum by the feeding device, and is continuously picked up and scattered by the inner layer of the plate. The material moves to the other end of the inner layer and enters into the middle layer for drying. The material is repeatedly raised in the middle layer, showing a two-step backward and one-step travel mode. The drying time of the material is prolonged and the drying state is reached. The material moves in a rectangular multi loop way in the outer drum, and the dried material is discharged from the sand dryer. The wet material that is not dried can not move quickly due to its own weight, so it can be fully dried to complete the drying process.

Advantages of steel slag dryer

1. It has strong anti overload ability, large operation flexibility and strong adaptability;

2. Large production capacity, large processing capacity, less fuel consumption and drying;

3. Forward flow drying mode has high thermal efficiency;

4. The product size and moisture can be easily controlled. The moisture content of steel slag product can be less than 8%, and the particle size can be controlled below 8 mm.

Through the sand dryer The steel slag after drying has many uses It can be used in the production of white steel slag cement, cement raw meal, baking pasted acid salt cement, brick, tile, carbonized building, etc. The equipment can solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by steel slag occupying a lot of farmland and land.

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