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Tips for choosing a dryer

The problems that users care about in purchasing dryer are cost, equipment and service life, after-sales service. The premise of choosing a dryer is to understand the nature of the materials to be dried, select the appropriate dryer according to the production needs, pay attention to the products when purchasing and ordering, put them in place, try to choose products or large manufacturers with rich production experience, and then consider the price.



According to the type of wet material, moisture content, moisture content, hot air temperature, environmental temperature and humidity, the type and model of dryer are selected. According to the drying methods, the dryer can be divided into forward flow drying and counter flow drying. In the early stage of the forward flow drying, it is more suitable for materials with low water content requirements; because the driving force of counter flow drying is more uniform, it is more suitable for materials with strict drying requirements.

If you don't understand this very well, bring your own raw material requirements Dryer manufacturer Field test machine, accurately judge the production capacity of the dryer and whether the drying is ideal.

Equipment itself

texture of material

The dryer is always in the high temperature state in the production, so the material used in the dryer must have good cold bending and weldability, good plasticity and toughness, high temperature short-term strength or long-term strength performance. Secondly, choose the dryer with thick cylinder material, which is more conducive to prolong the service life.


The production capacity is accurately expressed as the unit hour output of the dryer. The customer should determine the required unit hour output of the dryer, so as to select the suitable dryer model. In order to avoid failing to meet the production requirements in the later stage, the dryer should be equipped with large size rather than small size. The precipitation range and evaporation intensity of the dryer should be considered comprehensively, and the large-scale, high-temperature, high-efficiency and fast drying machine should be selected first.


If dryer appears, it is often fatal. Therefore, to ensure safe production is the principle of choosing dryer. Dryer must have relevant qualifications such as review of supplier's manufacturing license, product certificate, national or ministerial equipment manufacturing approval document, safety inspection certificate, etc.


In order to avoid the dryer into production problems, no one, after-sales service must be considered, manufacturers can provide better services, including rapid installation, operators, quick maintenance services. Before buying a dryer, you must go to the dryer production and processing workshop to have a look at the scene, and observe the working state of workers and the environmental sanitation of the workshop. You can check whether the manufacturer is trustworthy from the side. Choose the same manufacturer as far as possible to choose the dryer and its supporting equipment, which can enhance the universality, compatibility and maintainability of the equipment, and at the same time, the manufacturer will give more preferential treatment.

Customers choose drying machine to compare three, comprehensive consideration of the above factors. The drying production line designed by red star machine has the advantages of small floor area, wide range of materials, simple operation and drying finished products. It can be designed according to different requirements of each customer.

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