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Optimization of main structure design of large jaw crusher

With the development of large-scale equipment, Large jaw crusher It is widely used in industrial processing. Therefore, in order to produce the large jaw crusher with high efficiency and high quality, we optimized its main structure.

Frame structure design

Jaw broken frame is the installation foundation of the whole crusher parts. It bears a large impact load in work, and its machine weight accounts for a large proportion of the whole machine (about 50% for casting frame and 30% for welding frame), and the workload of processing and manufacturing is also large. The strength and rigidity of the frame have a great influence on the performance of the whole machine and the life of the main parts.

 Large jaw crusher

There are two kinds of jaw broken frame: integral frame and combined frame. The small and medium-sized jaw crusher generally adopts the whole frame, and the combined frame is used for the large crusher, which has the following types:

Welded combination type: its rigidity is better than that of the combined frame connected by inlay pin, and the processing, assembly and installation are also more convenient.

Combination of inlay pin and bolt: the frame is divided into upper and lower parts, and the upper frame body and the lower frame body are connected by bolts between the frame walls. The key and pin are used to bear large shear force between the joint surfaces, and the key and pin also play the role of assembly and positioning.

Combined frame: the front and rear, left and right side wallboards are respectively manufactured and processed, which are welded assemblies. The front wall and the back wall are connected with two side walls by high-strength bolts and bearing pins to form a square frame. This four piece rack is installed on site, which is convenient for transportation and installation of large jaw fracture.

Bearing structure design

Because of the large size and weight of the eccentric shaft, the bearing is generally 23176 / W33, which is very inconvenient to use, install and disassemble with the traditional structure design. Therefore, we design it as a retraction cone sleeve connection form, that is, a retraction outer cone sleeve is designed between the moving jaw body and the moving jaw bearing. When loading and unloading the bearing, the screw on the outer cone sleeve can be tightened and removed, and the movable jaw bearing can be easily fixed on the movable jaw body or removed.

Two pairs of bearing inner rings and eccentric journal usually fit in the following two ways: ① the two pairs of bearings adopt the structure of self-aligning roller bearing; ② the moving jaw body bearing adopts the self-aligning roller bearing; the frame bearing is the combination of inner cone sleeve and tapered inner hole self-aligning roller bearing. It is the bearing combination structure type as shown in Figure 1.

 Bearing structure of jaw crusher

The inner ring and outer ring of the movable jaw bearing are fixed and positioned by taper. The assembly and disassembly of the bearing can be completed without special tools and only by tightening screws, which is very convenient and fast.

Design of sealing device

The normal service life of the bearing is 5 years (24h / day operation), and the seal ring of the general seal needs to be replaced after one to two years. For large jaw fracture, due to the limitation of replacement conditions, the service life of seal ring and bearing is basically equal to the seal. However, the labyrinth seal can not meet the needs of large-scale jaw fracture operation, so it is changed to skeleton seal structure. This combined sealing form will not increase the cost, and the structure is reduced, the number of vulnerable parts is reduced, and the sealing.

Design of jaw plate

In order to meet the requirements of convenient and quick operation, the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate of large jaw fracture are designed as two-piece split upper and lower structure or upper, middle and lower three pieces. On the one hand, the movable jaw plate is convenient to use, and on the other hand, the service life of the movable jaw plate is reduced by two times.

Heat treatment and surface hardening treatment should also be considered for jaw plate with large jaw fracture, so as to fully improve the service life; the tooth profile design of jaw plate should also be considered in the design according to the site material conditions.

Through the above optimization design, not only the jaw crusher assembly and maintenance is simple, but also feasible, simple and practical, which improves the life and reliability of large jaw crusher. At present, our company's equipment is in progress, please call for details: 0371-67772626.

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