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Measures to effectively improve limestone pre homogenization efficiency

Limestone is an important raw material for the production of cement clinker. In order to improve the finished cement products, most manufacturers will use limestone pre homogenization system in the production process, so as to effectively treat the limestone and ensure the production of clinker. But how to improve limestone pre homogenization is the content of this paper.


1. Strict control of ore blending in limestone mines

Because of the complex geological conditions of limestone mine, Cao and MgO are the main components of limestone, so Cao and MgO are controlled by limestone in Renchang. Comparison of Cao and MgO fluctuation of limestone before and after taking measures.

There are three mining areas in limestone mine. The blasting samples and pre shovel samples are inspected and analyzed in each mining area, and the reasonable allocation is made according to the index requirements. The crushed limestone is homogenized by six linked silos. The crushed limestone and truck skin samples should also be inspected.

2. Assign special person to manage and make clear the content of Cao and MgO in the mixture

It is a difficult problem that the qualified rate of Cao in raw meal of pre homogenization batching is low, the main reason is that the content of Cao and MgO is difficult to master. Therefore, we set up a special person to manage the pre homogenization material from the factors that affect the Cao qualification rate of raw meal, record the quantity of limestone, clay and fly ash every day, and take samples and prepare samples. The total analysis group analyzes Cao, MgO and moisture, and accumulates the previous data every day. After a material pile is distributed, the comprehensive moisture, average Cao and MgO have a basic and accurate data, which can guide the production well.

3. Reduce the segregation of materials

Material segregation is another reason that affects the pass rate of raw meal. Large particle size and large moisture content of clay are the main factors causing segregation. In rainy season, fly ash can be used more, clay less or no clay is needed. The comprehensive moisture fluctuation range of the mixture in the pre homogenization yard is 2.91% - 7.00%. As long as the clay moisture is controlled to 21%, the moisture content of the mixture will not affect the qualified rate of Cao of raw meal. Through these two measures, the material segregation is greatly reduced and the pass rate of raw meal is greatly improved.

4. Different measures should be taken in different seasons

The air in the north is relatively dry. As long as it is not rainy, the moisture content of materials is low and loose, so we should reserve as much clay as possible. Fly ash can be used more in rainy season. In winter, due to the large clay block, which is not conducive to distribution, and easy to cause material segregation, the countermeasures are as follows: the clay mine organizes the autumn ploughing before the winter, that is, part of the clay planned to be mined in winter is moved by the electric shovel, so that the clay in the factory is loose in winter.

After taking the above measures, the qualified rate of Cao of raw meal can be greatly improved and the deviation can be reduced. It can be seen that the above management methods and methods are effective, and can fully meet the requirements of Cao qualified rate of raw meal ≥ 60%.

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