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Optimization design of special drying machine for chalky soil

Chalky soil is Cement production line The application of chalk in cement clinker processing can effectively reduce grinding energy consumption and improve cement production, so it is welcomed by cement plants. Chalk soil should be dried before it is used in cement clinker processing, but the traditional drying equipment is not suitable dryer The improvement design was carried out to meet the drying requirements of chalk soil.


Transformation of internal lifting device

To adapt to different drying stages and material characteristics, five lifting devices with different structures are arranged along the length direction of the cylinder, which are: variable height arc-shaped lifting plate, arc-shaped lifting hopper, radial baffle device, reverse lifting plate and ordinary flat plate type lifting plate.

The layout of the lifting device is shown in the figure below. Taking the installation position of the material bending device as the boundary, it is divided into three zones along the length direction of the cylinder. Each zone has different installation combinations to adapt to different stages of material drying.

 Closed circuit flowsheet of grinding high intensity magnetic reverse flotation

1. Zone I: in the heating stage, the water on the surface of the material is mainly evaporated. The low-temperature material just entering the machine exchanges with the high-temperature medium rapidly, and a layer of water film is formed on the surface of the material, so the area mainly adopts the structure of variable height arc-shaped lifting plate, and the materials that can remove the surface water quickly enter the constant speed drying area through the radial baffle device.

2. Area II: constant speed drying stage, the magnetic stage is mainly to gradually remove the non chemical binding water of the materials, and most of the chalk soil blocks are broken due to shrinkage. Therefore, arc-shaped lifting plate is mainly used in this area. The heat transfer is strengthened to meet the requirements of constant speed drying stage with high evaporation intensity and fast water movement speed.

3. Zone III: speed reduction drying section. The main function is to further improve the material temperature, strengthen the surface moisture evaporation, improve the drying rate and ensure drying. Therefore, the layout of the lifting device in this area gradually transits from arc-shaped and flat-panel to flat-plate-shaped lifting plate. The cross-sectional lifting material is layered, and the wind tunnel area is gradually expanded and the air flow resistance is reduced to meet the needs of water evaporation and rapid movement.

The length of the three zones can be adjusted according to the characteristics of materials and the actual use to achieve drying.

Increase the speed of dryer

According to the characteristics of the drying plant, it is necessary to increase the drying time and increase the drying time

After the transformation, the motor is replaced by a speed regulating motor with a power of 37KW. The speed range of the dryer is 0-5rpm, which can be adjusted according to the change of the quiet condition. Generally, it is 4.5-5rpm. From the actual production capacity, the discharge rate of the lifting device is higher and the production is increased.

Transformation of air leakage link

The following measures are taken for several air leakage links of the system:

1. Cold smoke chamber: electric regulating butterfly valve is installed in the cold flue gas chamber, and the opening and closing opening of butterfly valve is adjusted according to the temperature indicated by the thermocouple of flue gas temperature measurement.

2. Sealing ring: Graphite elastic slide sealing ring is adopted.

3. Tail cover and dust collector discharge port: lengthen the length of discharge pipe, add flap valve and bag to strengthen sealing.

Improvement of tail dust collection system

The electric dust collection at the tail of traditional dryer is not ideal, so that the exhaust air volume can not meet the design requirements, which restricts the further improvement of dryer output and needs further improvement. Therefore, we have adopted advanced dust remover to improve the design of dust collection system and effectively solve the problem.

After the above transformation of the dryer, the drying efficiency of chalk soil is greatly improved, which makes it applied to cement clinker processing and upgrading. Welcome to our company to buy the drying equipment.

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