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Slime drying system and drum dryer are introduced in detail

With the continuous progress of drying, we Dryer manufacturer The slime drying system and equipment are optimized. This paper introduces the advantages of new slime drying system and high-tech drying equipment in detail.

 coal slime dryer

Slime drying system

The system consists of six parts

1. By Feeder Raw material transportation and transfer system composed of belt conveyor, sealed scraper conveyor and other equipment;

2. It is composed of hot blast stove, scraper slag remover, blower and other equipment to provide stable high temperature heat medium for drying system;

3. It consists of sealed feeder, screw propeller rattler-drying machinery Drying and dewatering system composed of self sealing discharger and other equipment;

4. The dust remover is composed of dust remover, cyclone dust collector and dust catcher;

5. The power distribution measurement and control system is composed of power transformation and distribution equipment, monitoring and monitoring system, industrial television system and other electrical equipment, and the drying system has online monitoring, safety protection, centralized or local automatic control and other functions;

6. Product transportation system.

The technological process of slime drying system is as follows: the wet coal slime from the pressure filter is sent to the sealed feeder of drum dryer through the incoming belt conveyor of drying system. After the drying process of mass and heat exchange is completed in the dryer, it is discharged from the discharge box to the sealed discharge belt conveyor. After drying, the products are mixed with Chinese coal for export. The specific process flow of slime drying system is shown in Figure 1.

 Schematic diagram of drying process system

Slime drum dryer

The drum dryer is composed of cylinder, supporting wheel device, transmission device, supporting wheel device and sealing device. Its performance characteristics are as follows:

1. The direct feeding mode is adopted. The slime is directly dropped into the feeding box, with high reliability of guiding material, small system resistance and good drying. After drying, the slime does not return to moisture and absorb water;

2. The flue gas and wet materials enter the dryer from the same side by adopting the forward flow drying method, and the high evaporation intensity can be obtained by using the high temperature flue gas;

3. The ratio of the distance between guide plates and their height is optimized to reduce the entrainment of coal slime in the guide plate, so that the coal slime entering the dryer can be quickly transported to the cylinder body for drying treatment through the guide plate;

4. The internal special structure of the lifting plate has the function of self-cleaning, which can avoid sticking. At the same time, it can make the dry clean coal move outward along the bottom of the drum, avoid increasing ash and reduce the dust removal load;

5. In the drying process, the mass and heat exchange is sufficient and the energy consumption is low. Evaporation of 1 t of water consumes 90-1 million kcal of heat;

6. The feeding rate can be adjusted in a wide range, and the production adaptability is strong, the system material circulation is smooth, and there is no blockage phenomenon;

7. The combustion furnace adopts the beam type chain furnace, which has mature production, high thermal efficiency, simple operation, stable combustion and small maintenance. The combustion efficiency of coal can reach 85% - 90%;

8. In order to prevent the environment from being polluted by the ash and slag produced by the combustion of the combustion furnace, the furnace ash is transported to the ash and slag stacking point of the boiler room by the wet scraper slag remover for unified treatment;

9. The system is highly integrated and equipped with automatic intelligent monitoring system, which can real-time monitor the temperature, pressure, flame, oxygen and other parameters at the main parts of hot blast stove furnace, dryer inlet, dryer outlet and induced draft fan inlet, automatic control and adjustment of system operation, continuous automatic parameter collection, fault alarm and safety interlock protection;

10. The pulverized coal hot blast stove has the advantages of convenient start and stop, high level of pollutant emission control, good environmental benefits and high cost performance;

11. The system has reasonable technology, compact equipment layout, low capital construction and operation costs, and can recover the investment in a short time.

Economic benefits of application

Since the system was officially put into operation in 2010, the average annual dry wet slime is 90000 tons, and the dry slime production is 75000 tons. The annual output value is 1800 tons, the annual profit is 550 yuan, the profit per ton of wet slime is 61.11 yuan, the annual evaporation water is 26200 tons, the annual fuel coal consumption (calorific value 3500kcal / kg) is 4000t, and the heat energy consumption is less than 800000 cal / t water. Practice has proved that the system has the advantages of large evaporation water, low consumption of coal and high thermal efficiency.

Safety measures of coal slime drying system

Through the above analysis, the application of slime drying system has significant economic benefits, but there are still many problems to be paid attention to in the actual operation process.

1. Control the oxygen content of the system. The test shows that the oxygen content in the system is directly related to the temperature. In the actual production process of the dryer, the oxygen content in the drying system is less than 16% because of the small amount of feed, and the population temperature is 523.5 ℃.

2. Control the dust concentration in the drying system. The dust concentration control method is to control the speed of gas in the system, so as to minimize the flying of coal dust in the drying system. In the dryer, the design speed of air flow is 5m / s, under this wind speed, dust will not fly. In addition, controlling the moisture content of the dried product to prevent the product from being too dry can also reduce the generation of dust.

3. Eliminate all sources of ignition. The combustion furnace is equipped with a fire wall to prevent sparks from entering the dryer; the temperature of the dry coal is controlled to avoid reaching the spontaneous combustion temperature; the sediment and coal dust accumulation are cleaned regularly.

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