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What is "blasting" in rotary kiln?

Rotary kiln It is not dangerous to produce a slight noise, but it is not a good phenomenon. We need to find out the reason and give it. There are several reasons that may cause the rotary kiln to emit "blasting" sound. We will explain them in categories below.

 Rotary kiln

The first reason is that the rotary kiln is a newly ignited kiln. Before ignition, there is too much pulverized coal in the kiln, and it is easy to shoot after ignition. In this case, the operator may not be in strict accordance with the operating instructions of the rotary kiln to add pulverized coal, resulting in excessive amount of pulverized coal.

Methods: before ignition, try to reduce or not to blow hot air into the rotary kiln to reduce the deposition of pulverized coal. If the hot air needs to be released, the exhaust fan can be opened and the pulverized coal can be discharged to the outside of the rotary kiln.

The second reason is that the rotary kiln is temporarily shut down and started up, the temperature in the kiln decreases too fast, and the blasting occurs when the rotary kiln is blowing pulverized coal.

Methods: the drying time should not be too long after the temporary shutdown. Before drying, the rotary kiln should be turned over and the high temperature clinker should be turned up. Under the condition that the raw material of the rotary kiln is moved forward too much, the kiln should be turned slowly.

The third reason is that the temperature is low when the rotary kiln is ignited, and the coal combustion is not good. When the pulverized coal of the rotary kiln falls to a certain extent, the combustion is fierce and the blasting phenomenon occurs.

Methods: increase ignition temperature, reduce coal consumption and shorten ignition time.

The above is Red Star Machine Rotary kiln engineers in the use of rotary kiln kiln in the process of the analysis of the noise, for your reference. There is no trivial matter of equipment failure. If the problem is found, the problem should be solved in time. Procrastination will only cause more serious consequences, and will also affect the production efficiency and service life of the equipment.

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