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Optimize and improve the structure and system of clay dryer to create efficient equipment

Clay dryer yes Cement production line With the development of modern cement industry, the defects of traditional clay drying equipment in system design and environmental protection performance are increasingly apparent. Therefore, our dryer manufacturer has optimized and upgraded the system structure of clay dryer.

 Clay dryer

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Problems of traditional clay dryer

1. The combustion furnace is a manual coal feeding mode, the pulverized coal combustion is not complete, the heat is not fully utilized, the fire is often poked to discharge slag, the heat and ventilation can not be controlled, and can not meet the production process requirements;

2. In the drying process, the material can not be evenly distributed, only 1 / 3 of the material curtain can be formed, so the heat transfer efficiency is very low;

3. The temperature of the fire chamber is low, only 700 ℃, and the drying of materials is poor;

4. The design of dust removal system is backward, and the dust emission concentration exceeds the standard seriously.

Reform of clay dryer

1. Additional coal pulverizer

The coal pulverizer integrates crushing, grinding and powder injection. Pulverized coal and airflow are mixed in the combustion chamber to form complete suspension combustion. The swirl plate is added inside to disperse the flame and shorten the flame, which makes the suspension combustion more perfect. In this way, the amount of coal injection and the amount of air mixture are completely controlled.

2. Improvement of the lifting plate of dryer

All the original L-shaped lifting plates are modified into ring type scoop type lifting plates. The angle of loading angle is 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 degrees. The lifting plate is divided into three zones, the first zone is the hot end high temperature zone, and the third zone is the discharge low temperature zone. A baffle plate is installed between zone 1 and zone 2 to extend the residence time of materials in high temperature zone and fully absorb heat. Smooth flow plate is installed between zone 2 and zone 3 to speed up the material operation and reduce the load of drying airborne material.

3. Transformation of burner

The burner in the fire chamber of the dryer used to be a straight pipe single channel coal injection pipe. After the pulverized coal is injected into the fire chamber, the combustion speed is slow, 7% - 8% of the pulverized coal is not burned, the temperature of the fire chamber is low, and the soil material can not be dried effectively. The velocity of pulverized coal injection is increased to 35m / s and the pulverized coal injection rate is increased to 35m / s.

4. Transformation of dust removal system

Adding a primary dust collector can not only remove most sulfur dioxide and a part of large particle dust in the flue gas, but also reduce the pressure of the electrostatic precipitator, so as to improve the efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator and prolong its service life.

5. Internal transformation of electrostatic precipitator

The distance between plates is changed to 400mm, which increases by 100 mm on the original basis, which not only increases the secondary voltage and current, but also improves the dust removal efficiency, saves steel and reduces the cost.

The dust removal system of the reformed clay dryer runs well after the test run with load, and the dust emission concentration is 85.91mg/m three The emission concentration of sulfur dioxide was 263.48mg/ three The efficiency of dust removal and desulfurization reached 99.71% and 72.56% respectively.


After the system transformation of clay dryer, obvious benefit, environmental protection benefit and economic benefit have been obtained (see Table 1).

 Comparison of dryer transformation

It can be seen from the above table that the reformed clay Drying efficiency of dryer Greatly improve, at present our company this new clay dryer is in, welcome to buy.

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