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Basic conditions of dryer material

On the market dryer Prices vary, among which the material of the dryer is an important determinant. The working environment of the dryer is relatively special, and there are high requirements for the selection of materials. The basic conditions to be met are as follows.


1. Corrosion resistance

There are many corrosive components such as acid, alkali and salt in the materials dried by the dryer. In addition, the temperature in the dryer cylinder is higher, the corrosion of these components on the metal cylinder will be doubled, so it is necessary to do a good job Anticorrosion of dryer It is required that the cylinder and other parts in contact with materials shall be made of corrosion-resistant materials. For different corrosive materials, the corresponding corrosion resistant materials should be selected.

In addition to selecting suitable materials, some anti-corrosion and anti rust treatments can also enhance the corrosion resistance of the equipment

(1) Electrostatic powder spraying

The traditional drying equipment is made of liquid paint, which contains a large number of ester ketone and hydrocarbon organic solvents. These solvents are flammable and explosive, causing great security risks in the process of production, storage, transportation and construction of the dryer. The use of electrostatic powder spraying instead of liquid paint coating is safer, and has good corrosion and rust prevention.

(2) Phosphating passivation process

Phosphating passivation process is through electrical and electrochemical reactions, can rust, so that the full of rust dryer components surface to reproduce the original appearance, and at the same time form a dense anti rust film.

2. Thermal conductivity

Dryer's Drying principle It is to make the high temperature air flow contact with the material to dry the material, so the material used in the dryer is required to have good thermal conductivity. Some of the dryers on the market are made of carbon steel and some are made of stainless steel. Compared with the two, the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is much higher than that of carbon steel. But the wear resistance of stainless steel is not very good. When drying some materials with higher hardness, wear-resistant materials should be added in the easily worn parts.

3. Heat resistance

When drying materials, the high temperature of the dryer is about 800 degrees, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 1000 degrees. Therefore, the material selection of the dryer should first meet the requirements of heat resistance, otherwise the dryer will be directly scrapped if the temperature is high. The drying process of materials in the dryer includes two stages: constant speed drying and falling speed drying. In order to reduce the production cost, the corresponding high temperature resistant materials can be used for different temperatures. However, the places close to the heat source, such as the combustion chamber of the dryer, are basically the temperature of the whole dryer. In addition to the basic materials, some materials that can resist both high temperature and low temperature should be added.

4. Hardness and strength

Price of dryer Although it is not in large-scale machinery, it is also a large investment. In order to avoid damage to the parts of the dryer caused by wear and ensure that the dryer has a long service life, the material of the dryer should have a certain strength and hardness, especially the material selection of the main cylinder of the dryer.

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