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Improvement and optimization of feed inlet of dryer

Dryness has existed since ancient times and is now dryer It is a milestone in the development of drying. Dryer is currently used to dry powder and granular materials Material selection of dryer With the development of structure and processing technology, the optimization and transformation of dryer has never been interrupted. The following is the transformation process of Hongxing machine on the feed inlet of dryer. After the transformation, unexpected results have been obtained.


The dryer is composed of feed inlet, outlet, drum, liner, motor, bearing and tire. The feed inlet is responsible for the feeding work of the equipment. Most of the inlet of the dryer is made of steel pipe. The dryer can deal with some corrosive materials for a long time, and the inlet of the dryer is easy to damage the environment under high temperature for a long time. There are two aspects in the transformation of the feed port, one is to improve the angle of the feed pipe, the other is to improve the material of the inlet.

1、 Improve feed pipe angle

The main purpose of improving the feed pipe angle is to improve the heat exchange rate. It is no longer necessary to increase the discharge cylinder as much as possible under the premise of feeding function, so as to ensure that the upper end does not contact with the retaining ring However, the part extending into the cylinder should not be too long, so as not to burn out the material retaining ring and the cylinder body due to excessive temperature. After raising the discharge chute, it is not only conducive to the circulation of high temperature gas, but also can prevent the burning out of the chute. The material falls naturally and forms a material curtain, which directly contacts with the high temperature gas, which naturally improves the heat exchange efficiency of the dryer.

2、 Improvement of material of feed inlet

1. Refractory brick material

Red Star Machine The imported firebrick is used to replace the steel pipe to produce the material inlet. The refractory brick is a special material with high temperature resistance, good compression resistance and corrosion resistance. The common types of refractory brick include carbon brick, magnesia aluminum brick, clay brick, diatomite heat insulation board, high alumina brick, refractory concrete, phosphate refractory brick, etc. each of these materials has its own advantages. According to the characteristics of the materials to be dried by customers, the refractory brick is a kind of special material with high temperature resistance, good compression resistance and corrosion resistance, Different refractory bricks can be selected.

2. Advantages of refractory brick inlet

(1) The hot gas can flow to the middle of the refractory brick inlet, which can avoid air leakage and material leakage of the dryer.

(2) The results show that the refractory brick at the feed inlet will not affect the air intake of the dryer, but the air inlet of the fire inlet under the feed inlet will be more ideal.

(3) It is easy to cover the outside of the dryer and prolong the service life of the dryer.

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