Cause analysis and scheme of ring formation in transition zone of Hongxing rotary kiln


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Cause analysis and scheme of ring formation in transition zone of Hongxing rotary kiln

Rotary kiln is well used in the production of active lime But in the Rotary kiln It is a common problem in the process of using rotary kiln that the transition zone is formed. How to face this problem? In this paper, the Red Star Machine analyzes this problem and gives the corresponding scheme.

 Rotary kiln

The ring formation of transition zone may be caused by one reason or a combination of various reasons. However, in combination with the actual situation, when we find problems, there are many phenomena of transition zone ringing caused by various reasons. Let's talk about the possible causes in detail.

1. R in raw materials two High o and MgO contents, good burnability of materials, high sulfur content or high iron content in coal ash, unsuitable proportioning scheme and so on.

2. When feeding, the heating time is long, the feeding speed is slow and the kiln lifting speed is slow.

3. The reduction atmosphere in the kiln is relatively thick when calcined with low temperature and long flame.

4. The results show that the ratio of sulfur to alkali is not suitable, the temperature control in the kiln is low, and the harmful components are enriched in the kiln.

5. When the raw mill stops grinding for a long time, the return ash of the kiln system is enriched in the homogenization silo.

6. The process management, mechanical and electrical equipment management and raw materials management are not in place, the kiln starts and stops frequently, and the thermal system in the kiln is unstable.

In view of the above problems, the Red Star rotary kiln has put forward the scheme.

1. Because of the high content of R2O in raw materials, a certain amount of gypsum can be added into the raw materials, or high sulfur coal can be used to alleviate the harm of alkali. During the operation, the temperature of the flue gas chamber should not be too low (980 ℃), so as to avoid the accumulation of harmful components in the kiln; timely clean the preheater and the crust after 40m in the kiln.

2. The content of MgO in limestone is high, so it is necessary to reduce Fe properly two O three Content, avoid liquid phase sticking through the small circle.

3. Control of sulfur content in coal and Fe in coal ash two O three Content.

4. When the harmful ingredients of raw materials are high, the stop grinding of raw mill should be controlled within 4 hours, so as to avoid the influence of ash return from kiln system on kiln.

5. The ignition heating time should be shortened as far as possible, and the feeding speed should be kept at a high level.

6. How to deal with the ring of transition zone.

On the premise of ensuring the kiln head temperature and clinker stability, the proportioning should be adjusted quickly; the oxidation atmosphere in the kiln, the complete combustion of the head coal and the temperature in the kiln should be ensured; when the kiln tail is poured due to serious ring formation, and the flame cannot enter into the kiln, the material can be re fed after quenching for 3-4h.

The equipment failure rate is low, all aspects coordinate operation, only then can guarantee the enterprise production output and the production benefit. Red Star Machine It is also hoped that each user can gradually sum up the experience in the process of using the equipment, so that the rotary kiln can be used more and more easily.

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