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The advantages of structure optimization design of lime rotary kiln are outstanding

On the limestone production line, Lime rotary kiln It's the core device. In order to improve the production efficiency of lime production line, we optimized the performance of the lime rotary kiln, optimized the design value of the rotary kiln parameters, and upgraded the casting materials, showing more excellent performance. Next, we will introduce the details.

 Lime rotary kiln

1. Uniform calcination. The lime rotary kiln is a kiln type which can observe the calcination of limestone and is easy to operate.

2. In the rotary kiln with vertical preheater and cooler, in the shaft preheater and cooler, the air flow passes through the material, and the air flow fully contacts with the material, which strengthens the convection and conduction heat transfer at medium and low temperature, and ensures the sufficient preheating, pre decomposition of limestone and sufficient cooling of lime.

3. The large space in the rotary kiln improves the high-temperature radiation heat transfer during the calcination of limestone, resulting in high-temperature and fast burning. The rotation of the rotary kiln drives the materials in the kiln to constantly turn and the wrapping effect of large particles on small particles, resulting in uniform calcination. Practice has proved that the lime produced by rotary kiln is right.

4. The kiln is short in size and long in diameter. The kiln body is driven by frequency conversion motor and equipped with auxiliary transmission device of diesel engine, which is stable and easy to adjust.

5. The head and tail of kiln are provided with spring leaf sealing structure, which is simple and reliable. The kiln body is placed at an angle of 3.5% to the horizontal, and is equipped with two sets of supporting devices. The roller bearing is a water-cooled oil spoon lubricated sliding bearing. There is also a hydraulic stop wheel near the big gear ring.

6. The combustion system consists of burner, regulating control device, etc. The burner adopts multi-channel burner, which can burn gas, solid and liquid fuel. The structure design is reasonable and the operation is convenient. It can not only keep the flame stable, but also change the shape of the flame to achieve ideal combustion. Multi fuel and multi-channel burner can be used to burn various fuels.

7. The preheater is composed of several relatively independent units with material level height adjustment device and low resistance beam. The vertical preheater has less active equipment and less spare maintenance. The material level adjusting device of the preheater can adjust the height of the material in the preheater according to the particle size of the calcined material, so as to change the preheating time and the material layer resistance of the preheater.

At present, our company's lime rotary kiln design has reached the domestic advanced level Application of rotary kiln in active lime production , can meet the processing requirements of limestone production line with different output, welcome to our company Hongxing rotary kiln manufacturer Order, guarantee reasonable price.

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