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Analysis of iron ore properties and establishment of beneficiation process

Iron ore is the current development project in China, and China's iron ore resources are relatively rich Mineral Processing Next, we will analyze the specific situation, analyze the iron ore composition in detail, and establish a reasonable beneficiation process flow.

1. Ore properties

The iron minerals in the target ore are mainly magnetite, followed by semi pseudo pseudo hematite, Specularite, limonite and siderite. The gangue minerals are mainly quartz, ankerite, and mixed with chlorite and talc. The crystal size of magnetite is generally between 0.02 and 0.2mm. The ore structure is simple and basically occurs in disseminated banded form, characterized by alternating arrangement of magnetite or Specularite bands and gangue bands, and the width of iron mineral bands ranges from 0.05 to 2.0 mm. In most cases, the wide band has good continuity and stable width, and the iron ore particle size is coarse, while in the narrow band, the particle size is fine and the distribution is discontinuous.

The structural types of ores are also relatively simple. According to the crystal morphology, they can be divided into euhedral and hypidiomorphic structures, and according to the embedding relationship between minerals, they can be divided into mosaic structure and metasomatic structure. In terms of chemical composition, it belongs to acidic low sulfur and low phosphorus primary magnetite. Taking iron ore as the standard sample, the relative grindability coefficient is about 0.69 and the hardness is high. The average density of the ore is 3.5t/m3.

 Iron ore dressing process

2. Process flow and equipment

For the above ores, the production of direct reduction Hot Briquette grade iron concentrate is focused on, The results show that all the three processes can obtain iron concentrate with TFE > 67.5%, but even if the iron grade reaches 69.3%, it is difficult to reduce the content of SiO 2 below 3.4%. Therefore, the process of stage grinding magnetic dewatering low intensity magnetic separation is recommended.

There are two sets of low intensity magnetic separation flowsheets in each magnetic separation plant. The annual design operation rate of grinding separation system is 90.4%, and that of crushing system is 56.5%. A coarse ore bin is set in the middle of the two systems, which can store 24-hour follow-up ore processing capacity.

The design of process water system of Hongxing factory has its own characteristics. After the concentrate is concentrated to 68% by two sets of Ф 45m thickeners in the concentrator, it is pumped to the slurry mixing tank built at the wharf through 23km long pipeline and then fed into the pressure filter. After the filtrate is concentrated by two sets of Ф 45m thickeners, the underflow circulation is used for pressure filtration, and the overflow is used as circulating water. The tailings slurry is concentrated to 64% concentration by two sets of Ф 90m thickeners in the concentrator, pumped to tailings yard through 8km long-distance pipeline, and then concentrated to 72% by two sets of Ф 90m thickeners, and then pumped to the dry pile of tailings storage yard. Concentrate and tailings concentrate overflow respectively into two independent process water tanks to separate the clean water and turbid water. The equipment water seal and cooling water system is an independent closed circulation system. At the same time, water tank, raw water tank and waste water tank are set up in the concentrator area.

The prominent feature of equipment configuration in concentrator is large-scale. The equipment required for the process includes: Crusher Ball mill Vibration sieve Magnetic separator , thickener( Thickener )The specific parameters are shown in the table below.

 Equipment configuration of concentrator

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