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 Quartz sand

In the continuous reduction of mineral resources such as quartz sand, in order to develop mineral resources reasonably, scientifically and comprehensively, materials can be classified according to their grades, such as different materials of high standard specification, common standard, general standard and primary standard can be applied to different purposes, and the use of precious resources can not only make the materials produce higher economic benefits, but also can improve the economic efficiency of the materials The material stacking, land occupation, rain on the land pollution and other functions, make full use of limited resources, our company for the Dryer system upgrade It is convenient to use the wet sand machine in the production of all kinds of materials, so that the color of the materials can not be changed through the production line.

When quartz sand dryer works, the indirect operation mode is adopted, the finished product will not be damaged by the mechanical quality of the material, the moisture of various materials can be effectively evaporated, and the temperature in the cylinder can be adjusted according to the demand. With the matching of machinery, full-automatic production and 24-hour uninterrupted operation, the labor cost is reduced and the production capacity of the equipment is improved.

 Quartz sand dryer

Red Star quartz sand dryer more energy saving

(1) Coal consumption is 1 / 3 of that of single drum dryer;

(2) The power consumption is 40% of that of single drum dryer;

(3) When the discharge temperature is less than or equal to 60 ℃, it can be directly fed into the silo without entering the cooling shed for cooling;

(4) Compared with the traditional single drum dryer, the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 40%;

(5) The equipment investment is more than 20% less than the traditional dryer;

(6) It is made of wear-resistant manganese plate, which is 3-4 times more wear-resistant than the traditional dryer;

(7) Compared with the single drum dryer, the floor area is reduced by about 60%. The investment in civil engineering is reduced by about 60%, and the installation is convenient.

Composition of drying system of quartz sand dryer

(1) Feeding system: it is composed of silo, disc feeder, belt conveyor and quicksand pipe. It plays a key role in the final output and drying of materials.

(2) Drying system: it is composed of hot blast stove and main engine. The heat produced by hot blast stove enters into the main engine under the action of induced draft fan, contacts with materials and has heat exchange to achieve the purpose of drying.

(3) Discharge system: it is composed of receiving hopper and belt conveyor. The dried materials enter the upper part of the belt conveyor through the discharge hopper, and then are transported to the linear vibration for screening and final packing.

(4) Dust removal system: the system is composed of cyclone or water dedusting system. It mainly deals with the waste materials generated in the working process to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

(5) Transmission system: it is composed of drive motor and vibration motor, which plays an important role in the operation of the whole process.

At present, there are probably single cylinder dryer, three return dryer (short three cylinder dryer), and long three cylinder dryer on the market. The choice of quartz sand dryer depends on the moisture content of quartz sand. Generally, it is not particularly sticky, and it can be used in three return or three cylinder dryers. However, if the required output is not very large, in comparison, the three return dryer can make full use of heat energy, and it makes more full use of the principle of thermal work. For example, the unique structure of three-way dryer is designed to make full use of thermal power. The more energy is used, the less coal and electricity consumption will be, and the less the overall investment will be. Moreover, the three return dryer is small in size, short in length and does not take up space. Therefore, 3-15 T / h granular quartz sand is required to select a unique structure of the three-way dryer.

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