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Air dryer

so-called Air dryer It refers to that the wet sawdust with powder particles is continuously added into the drying pipe by screw conveyor. In the transportation and dispersion of high-speed hot air, the moisture in wet materials is evaporated to obtain powder or granular dry products. It is mainly composed of air heater, feeder, air drying pipe, cyclone separator and fan.

 Air dryer

The air dryer uses self-made combustible gas as heating source, and the drying is divided into two parts: drum part and serpentine tube part. Roller part: inner roller and outer insulation. The inner drum is equipped with three inner spiral plates, which can make the drying materials move evenly, which is called stir frying heating. The serpentine pipe uses heat source for secondary use, and uses the negative pressure ventilation of induced draft fan to pump the drying materials into the spiral for separation, so as to achieve drying.

The machine is equipped with many advanced devices, such as screw feeder, which can be stepless speed regulation to control the feed rate; the intensified crushing device can quickly crush the material into fine particles, so that the fine particles can enter the drying tube for uniform drying; It can greatly improve the service life of the main engine and the dust collector by using the cyclone pump and the second stage dust collector, which can greatly increase the service life of the cyclone bearing and the cyclone bearing, which can greatly improve the service life of the product.

The main features of air dryer are as follows:

1. High drying intensity of air flow dryer: due to its high air flow speed and good dispersion of materials in the gas phase, the air flow dryer can take all the surface of materials as the effective drying area, so the limited drying area is greatly increased. At the same time, due to the dispersion and agitation during drying, the gasification surface is constantly updated, so the heat transfer process of drying is strong.

2. The drying time of air dryer is short: the contact time between materials and air is very short, and the drying time is generally 0.5 ~ 5 seconds. It will not cause overheating or decomposition of heat sensitive or low melting point materials.

3. High thermal efficiency of air flow dryer: air flow drying adopts material and gas flow operation, from the beginning to the end of the material temperature and air temperature can reach a reasonable state, drying time is short, so a higher drying temperature can be used.

4. Air dryer has the advantages of wide application range, high output, large precipitation range, simple structure, small station area, investment and maintenance.

5. Hot air source of airflow dryer: oil furnace, gas furnace, coal-fired hot blast stove, steam heat exchanger.

6. Convenient process adjustment: stepless speed regulation can be selected, which can be adjusted effectively and conveniently according to different moisture content and process parameters. Unique transmission mode: the power transmission adopts unique soft drive or gear transmission, which makes the equipment smooth and low noise.

7. Ice water removal safety: the unique condensate water removal setting enables the equipment to effectively remove condensate water and greatly improve the steam heating.

The existing dryer generally uses coal and firewood as heat source. It is characterized by high labor intensity, high cost, high thermal efficiency loss and less than 30% heat utilization. Generally, the original half bucket with 35% moisture content should be dried 3-4 times, while the air dryer can dry raw materials with 35% sweat rate at one time. It can save electricity by 75% and greatly reduce the drying cost. The gas source of the dryer is from the carbonization kiln, and the methane gas produced by carbonization of the kiln is used by the dryer. Comprehensive budget: the annual drying cost can be saved nearly.

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