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Dryer is needed in lead zinc ore dressing process

The Pb Zn deposit is a carbonate formation type of marine sedimentary origin. The main metal minerals are sphalerite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, limonite and smithsonite; the gangue minerals are mainly dolomite, calcite and quartz. The main recovered mineral is sphalerite, which is in the shape of euhedral, hypidiomorphic or heteromorphic granular crystals, and the particle size is generally 0.05-1 mm × 1.6 mm. The oxidized ore is mainly smithsonite, which is very fine granular crystal with the particle size of 0.005mm-0.01mm. It is used in lead zinc ore dressing process dryer In order to separate the concentrate efficiently. For this reason, we Red Star Machinery Lead zinc mine dryer has been built.

 Dryer is needed in lead zinc ore dressing process

Equipment introduction

It can also be used for drying high moisture content mineral or paste like materials. It has the advantages of high-speed, wide range of operation, large flow rate, wide range of winder, large flow rate, wide range of winder, wide range of operation, high-speed fan, large flow rate, self-supporting device, etc.

Performance characteristics

1. The combination of high-speed stirring drying and air drying can fully disperse viscous materials and greatly increase the contact area between materials and hot medium, which is conducive to the drying process.

2. Many innovations have been made in the lifting device system. A new type of multi combined lifting device is adopted, which overcomes the "wind tunnel" phenomenon of the traditional dryer. The thermal efficiency is high and the coal consumption is reduced by about 20%.

3. The "zero horizontal thrust" greatly reduces the wear of the supporting wheel, and the cylinder runs stably and reliably.

4. The inner wall of the dryer cylinder of lead-zinc mine is equipped with a copying board. Its function is to copy and scatter the materials, so as to increase the contact surface between the material and the air flow, so as to improve the drying rate and promote the material to move forward.

5. As the material is highly dispersed in the air flow, the entire surface of the particles is positively the dry effective area.

6. The pin column replaceable gear is used in the transmission of large and small gears, which replaces the traditional cast steel gear, saving the cost and investment, and greatly reducing the maintenance cost and time.

Application notes

1. The feed inlet and discharge of dryer should be well sealed to avoid air leakage affecting efficiency.

2. The discharge port should be equipped with high-performance dust collector to reduce tail gas pollution.

3. At the same time, attention should be paid to maintenance and lubrication to reduce friction and noise.

Equipment maintenance

1. The newly installed wheel tyre is easy to loosen and must be carried out frequently.

2. Pay attention to whether all parts of the machine work normally.

3. Pay attention to the wear degree of the easily worn parts and replace the worn parts at any time.

4. Dust and other things should be removed from the underframe plane of the movable device, so as to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the underframe when the machine encounters materials that cannot be broken, thus causing serious accidents.

5. If the temperature of bearing oil rises, the cause of shutdown should be eliminated immediately.

6. When the rotating gear is running, if there is impact sound, stop it immediately and eliminate it.

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