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Rotary dryer

Rotary dryer is mainly used in building materials industry or gold industry slag, clay, coal powder, metal mining leaching slag and other materials drying. In order to control the temperature of the dryer, a thermocouple is installed on the feeding and discharging device, and the temperature change of the inlet and outlet end of the dryer can be displayed by the thermometer, which provides a basis for better control of the working temperature in the cylinder (generally 350-380 degrees).

 Rotary dryer

The drying process of rotary dryer can be divided into three periods: heating period, constant speed drying period and decreasing speed drying period. How to make the material in the drying process to give full play to the usefulness of each period, the key is to optimize the mechanical layout, according to the physical and chemical properties of materials and the nature of moisture, artificial setting and constraints of material movement, residence time and external environment with dry medium touch. And then complete the idea of being fast and boring. In order to realize this assumption, two important factors affecting the drying rate should be dealt with first, namely, the heat transfer rate from the dry medium to the material and the dispersion speed of water vapor to the dry medium. Only when these two elements adapt to the specific layout of the dryer, can they strengthen their absorption and conduction power and reach the intention of rapid drying.

Main features of rotary dryer

1. The external surface area of the machine is reduced by more than 30% compared with the single drum rotary dryer, and the outer cylinder has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation to the inner cylinder. The surface temperature of the outer cylinder is low and the heat loss is less. The working environment and working conditions are improved with high efficiency and energy saving.

2. A variety of lifting plate design, angle shaped lifting plate and Wanzi lifting plate are organically combined to make the material and hot flue gas exchange more fully, and reduce the mechanism of "wind tunnel" in dryer cylinder.

3. The length of the machine is shortened, which is beneficial to process layout. The length of the whole machine is about 40 * / shorter than that of the single drum dryer, so as to reduce the building area of the workshop, save the project investment, and is more suitable for the process layout of the old plant reconstruction.

4. Rotary dryer has high thermal efficiency and energy saving. After testing, the thermal efficiency is much higher than the traditional single drum dryer about 50 * / level. After the coal dryer is put into operation, it can be used.

5. The machine is compact in structure. The whole machine is horizontally arranged and supported by supporting wheels. The transmission of big and small gears is cancelled and replaced by supporting wheels, which makes the installation of the equipment more convenient, the operation more simple, the operation more reliable and the operation rate higher.

Classification of rotary dryers

Rotary dryer can be divided into forward flow and counter current. It refers to that the material is moving in the same direction as the air flow dryer.

The characteristics of the forward flow rotary dryer are that the material dehydration is strong, the drying rate is large, and the temperature of the material and medium is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the drying rate is not uniform, the moisture content in the material is limited by the medium humidity, and the dust content in the medium is high.

The forward flow rotary dryer is suitable for the drying of high initial moisture, strong dehydration, high temperature sensitive or combustible materials, low moisture content and high thermal efficiency. It is suitable for drying materials with low moisture requirements but not strong dehydration, or materials that are not sensitive to high stability, such as sand, limestone, etc.

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