New development and Prospect Analysis of lime rotary kiln


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New development and Prospect Analysis of lime rotary kiln

Social development promotes the rise of the construction industry. As a basic raw material of the construction industry, cement is becoming more and more important, Cement production equipment ——The present situation of lime rotary kiln can not be developed any more Lime rotary kiln New is imperative.

 Lime rotary kiln

1. Development of high pre decomposition rate calcination and high efficiency preheater

The developed calcination with high pre decomposition rate can increase the pre decomposition rate of limestone in the preheater from 30% to more than 50%, so as to reduce the heat consumption of products, reduce the floor area of equipment and utilize low calorific value fuel. The goal is: under the condition that the flue gas discharge temperature and resistance of preheater are basically unchanged, the heat consumption of products will be reduced from 4815 kJ · kg to below 3977 kJ · kg, which is close to the level of lime shaft kiln; compared with the traditional kiln, the specification of rotary kiln is reduced by about 30%, and the floor area is reduced by more than 200 m2. It can be used not only in the new lime production line, but also in the transformation of the old lime production line. The productivity can be increased by 20% ~ 30%.

The high efficiency preheater developed by referring to the improvement principle of Hongxing preheater has increased its preheating area by 10% ~ 15%; the new partition structure makes the flue gas distribution more uniform and improves the preheating; the area of smoke exhaust outlet of each bin is adjusted to reduce the smoke exhaust resistance and power consumption of the system. The fuel can be used in high altitude area or low calorific value fuel, which can effectively ensure the product output and the product quality.

2. High performance refractories for different parts and new kiln lining structures are developed

The refractories in the transfer chute and kiln tail are impacted and worn by limestone and washed by high temperature airflow, so their service life is short. The developed refractory castable with good thermal shock resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance has a compressive strength of more than 100 MPa and a service life of more than 1 year; the new kiln lining structure composed of prefabricated blocks and castables can make the kiln skin temperature of the calcining belt below 250 ℃ and the service life of more than 3 years; the prefabricated block with material is used in the preheating zone of rotary kiln, which can not only improve the performance of turning over, lifting and pushing materials Preheating can also separate material block easy to wear and fall off.

3. Strengthen the research and development and promotion of waste heat utilization of lime rotary kiln system

The waste heat of the waste gas discharged from the lime rotary kiln production line at about 250 ℃ has been used for heating and bathing. Using waste heat to generate steam for steam turbine unit power generation, there are plans for the production line with waste gas volume greater than 10nm3 · h; using the achievements of national science and technology support plan, the demonstration project of waste heat power generation of 1000t · D lime production line under construction with Orc (organic working medium) can be completed and put into operation within one year, with a power generation capacity of 980kw, at 1.5 · (kW · h), which will create considerable economic benefits for enterprises.

4. Study on strengthening lime calcination analysis

Lime calcination analysis and test research is one of the important design procedures to inspect raw materials and fuels, ensure products and determine calcination process parameters. It can determine whether the raw materials and fuels of users are suitable for calcining lime, determine the calcination process parameters, ensure the products, and predict the lime pulverization rate, which is very important for the smooth reaching of the production standard and the long-term stable production of users. Each active lime development unit should strengthen the lime calcination analysis test research work.

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