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Matters needing attention in selecting heat source of dryer

dryer It is an important equipment in modern industrial production. In order to reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, it is very important to select the heat source of the dryer. The selection of heat source is the key link related to drying and operation cost. The main factors considered by users in selecting heat sources are the cost of use, the amount of labor and labor intensity. The main heat sources include fuel oil stove, hot air stove, steam boiler and so on which fuel oil, gas, coal, firewood, rice husk and straw are used as fuel. There are also electric energy equipment such as electric furnace, microwave oven and heat pump. This paper analyzes the matters needing attention in the selection of heat source of dryer.


1. Hot blast stove is the heat source of dryer which was used earlier. At present, the market share is high, but it is gradually declining with the development and application of new drying heat source. The hot blast stove is characterized by large investment, low degree of automation, large amount of labor and short service life of the furnace body. If the drying center is large in scale, it needs more than one set and occupies more land. There are also fires caused by open fire blown into the dryer. One to three dryers or batch drying capacity below 30t can be selected as hot blast stove.

2. The application of oil fired furnace is early, the investment of oil furnace and gas furnace is small, the use is good, the degree of automation is high, but the use cost is high, it is suitable for seed drying.

3. The steam boiler can dry well and the grain is heated evenly. It can be equipped with more than one steam boiler, which has small amount of labor and operation. The larger the scale, the smaller the investment of dryer sets. However, the one-time investment is large and the boiler is required. It is suitable for large-scale drying centers with 4 or more dryers.

4. Electric heating and heat pump dryers have high degree of automation and small amount of labor. If applying for agricultural electricity price, they will be used, but the price is high and the power consumption is large. Therefore, it needs supporting power transformation equipment, which is suitable for small-scale and single machine users.

With the rapid development of modern industry, there is more and more demand for large-scale dryer. Therefore, it is of great significance to master the heat source selection of dryer for reducing equipment energy consumption and improving overall economic benefits and high quality. We Hongxing dryer manufacturer Through the above summary and analysis, we hope to help users effectively.

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