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Hongxing builds a new rotary cylinder dryer to meet the production requirements of iron ore pellets

Rotary drum dryer It is one of the most important equipment in pelletizing plant. Its operation directly affects the operation and stability of pellet production. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the normal operation of rotary drum dryer. For this reason, we Hongxing dryer manufacturer According to the technological requirements for drying equipment of hematite pelletizing production line, according to the existing equipment level of the company, based on the in-depth analysis of the role of rotary dryer in the whole pelletizing production process, the drying production process and production process control conditions and indicators, a new rotary drum dryer is developed.

 New type rotary dryer

Technological process of rotary drum dryer

According to the requirements of the project, the open circuit grinding system is adopted for iron concentrate grinding process. The dried material is powder ore + concentrate with a treatment capacity of 550t / h (wet weight); the water content of iron concentrate is 9%, and it needs to be dried to 1% water content before entering the mill for grinding. Therefore, the iron concentrate drying and grinding system can be divided into three parts: iron concentrate drying, iron concentrate storage and iron concentrate grinding.

Drying method

The selection of drying methods should be based on the characteristics of materials, particle size, moisture, temperature requirements and the layout of the workshop. According to the flow direction between materials and flue gas, the drying methods can be divided into two types: forward flow drying and counter flow drying. In addition, it is suitable for the high temperature and downstream flow drying of the material, which is suitable for the lower temperature of the material. However, the dust in the downstream operation is large and the total heat transfer rate in the dryer is slow. The flow direction of high temperature flue gas in countercurrent drying is opposite to that of the material to be dried, so the outlet temperature of dry material is relatively high; in countercurrent drying, the drying rate of the whole cylinder of the dryer is relatively uniform, and the smoke and dust rate is low, which is suitable for processing materials that are not allowed to be dried quickly and can withstand high temperature after drying. According to the process characteristics of the pelletizing plant, the downstream drying mode is adopted in the design.

Structure design and innovation of dryer

The main components of rotary drum dryer are cylinder device, support device, hydraulic wheel device, transmission device, sealing device and other auxiliary equipment. On the premise of meeting the process requirements, the overall structure is optimized, and the following structural innovations are carried out in the bearing group of supporting roller, the layout of the inner plate of the cylinder and the air duct device of the feed cover.

Structure of supporting roller bearing group

Considering the field installation and maintenance and harsh working conditions, the roller bearing group is designed with rolling bearing. The conventional structure of roller bearing group is the combination of self-aligning roller bearing and thrust bearing to bear the radial load and axial load from the cylinder respectively. Since the self-aligning roller bearing can bear certain axial load, through load calculation, only one set of radial self-aligning roller bearing is used for each supporting roller bearing group. The experiment proves that one set of self-aligning roller bearing can fully bear the axial load from the cylinder body. Therefore, the thrust bearing is removed in the design, which simplifies the bearing group structure and saves the manufacturing cost.

Configuration of the board structure

The drying efficiency of the rotary dryer is related not only to the drying efficiency of the rotary dryer, but also to the drying process as much as possible. On the basis of meeting the requirements of drying process, the configuration of the rotary cylinder dryer's plate was analyzed and studied.

By using the combined plate design, the material can be highly dispersed in the whole cylinder section, and the contact area between the hot flue gas and the material is large, and the evaporation intensity and production efficiency of the material are greatly improved.

Intake hood draft device

In the drying process, the drying medium is hot air and flue gas, and the hot air temperature of drying process can reach 900 ℃. By changing the conventional structure, two draft pipes are used to replace the single one, which are arranged in parallel on both sides of the blanking pipe and directly extend into the inner part of the rotary cylinder. The structure of the air induction device of the feed cover is shown in Fig. 3.

 Structure of intake hood induced draft device

The characteristics of the air induction device of the feed hood are as follows:

(1) It can not only avoid long-term exposure to hot air, but also improve the service life of the pipe. At the same time, the problem of sticking and blocking caused by wet and cold materials encountering the inner wall of the pipe with high temperature is also solved;

(2) As the induced draft pipe directly extends into the inner part of the rotary cylinder through the feed cover, the heat loss can be effectively prevented, the thermal efficiency can be improved, and the temperature of the feeding cover can be reduced, so that the feed cover and the seal can be kept in the hot state for a long time, so as to improve the service life;

(3) Increasing the temperature of the tail gas can effectively prevent the condensation caused by the low temperature of the flue gas, which will affect the normal operation of the dust collection system.

To sum up, Red Star new rotary dryer has the following characteristics:

(1) Although it covers a large area and has low drying efficiency, it has large processing capacity, no strict requirements on the particle size and moisture content of the concentrate, light equipment wear, continuous production, small dust, stable and reliable operation and low labor intensity;

(2) By adopting the combined high-efficiency plate structure, the material can be suspended in the dryer, and the hot air can contain the material for a long time, which can effectively enhance the heat exchange and improve the thermal efficiency, thus increasing the output of the dryer;

(3) The new type of intake hood draft device can distribute hot air reasonably, Improve the thermal efficiency of dryer It can not only increase the temperature of tail gas and prevent condensation, but also protect the discharge pipe from long-term exposure to hot air, thus prolonging the service life of the pipe.

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