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Structural principle and intelligent design of belt conveyor

Belt conveyor It is a continuous conveying equipment for uniform or quantitative transportation of bulk materials, which is widely used in construction, chemical industry, metallurgy and coal industry. In the coal industry, belt conveyor is widely used because of its continuous conveying characteristics of materials. The main role of belt conveyor is to coordinate the continuous transportation production of upper and lower equipment coal. At present, there are many kinds of conveyors in the market, and the good and the bad are intermingled, so there are many problems in the use process, which seriously affect the user's benefit. Therefore, it is very important to study and design the conveyor and improve its application level.

 Belt conveyor

1. Structure and working principle of belt conveyor

The structure of belt conveyor mainly includes silo connecting section, material trough, motor, underframe, driving roller, idler, conveyor belt and turning drum.

Working principle of belt conveyor : the coal in the silo enters into the guide trough through the connecting section and falls on the conveyor belt. The motor drives the drum to rotate, and the driving drum changes direction to the drum through the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt operates continuously, guiding the coal on it to the coal outlet and unloading to the belt conveyor. The running speed of conveyor belt can be changed by adjusting the speed of motor, and then the coal feeding quantity can be adjusted.

2. Intelligent design of belt conveyor

Belt conveyor centralized control system is one of the important subsystems of coal mine monitoring system. It is mainly used for remote monitoring and control of belt conveyor, coal feeder and other equipment start stop and fault protection, real-time monitoring and graphical display of the main parameters of the belt conveyor control system, such as smoke and fog, tearing, slipping, coal stacking, motor current, etc., and unattended belt conveyor. The development and promotion of control system is a prominent feature of coal transportation system in China in recent years. It is of great significance to improve the production efficiency of coal mines, improve the working environment of workers and improve the level of modern management.

If there is a fault in the belt conveyor interface, it is only necessary to check whether the motor is running normally on the interface of the belt conveyor; if the fault occurs on the interface of the belt conveyor, only the motor status can be checked.

By right Future development trend of belt conveyor It is not only convenient, intuitive and fast, but also can reduce the manufacturing cost, which can set an example for further research of field production personnel.

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