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Defects and improvement of jaw crusher liner

Jaw crusher It is mainly used as coarse crusher and intermediate crusher in mining, building materials and infrastructure departments. Jaw crusher pe2100x1500 is the main equipment for crushing iron ore. It can crush more than 8.7 million tons of iron ore every year and produce 2.2 million tons of iron ore powder. The 2100x1500 jaw crusher is used for iron ore, with the width of 1500 mm and the length of 2100mm (model: pe2100x1500, ore breaking capacity of 1000 ~ 1500 tons / h, with motor yr500-12, 250KW, 6000V) for rough crushing of iron ore, and the final iron ore is iron ore The ore particle size meets the requirements of the next process.

 Jaw crusher liner

The lining plate is the main part of jaw crusher, which is divided into 4 movable jaw liners and 6 fixed jaw liners, with a total of 10 pieces. Each jaw crusher consumes one set of liners per month, with an annual consumption of 19.5t/set, X12 sets = 234 tons.

1. Defects in liner of original jaw crusher

The original jaw crusher liner is ordinary high manganese cast steel ZGMn13CrMo, with a thickness of 170 mm. In the process of crushing iron ore by jaw crusher, it is easy to loose, has short service life, low ore breaking efficiency and coarse ore discharge size. It can not automatically adjust the discharge port by hydraulic pressure, but can only be adjusted manually. It has low efficiency, high labor intensity and easy loosening, insufficient strength and stiffness, easy to fall off, and form major safety risks such as overload of crusher, blocking nozzle and scratching rubber belt.

2. Improvement of jaw plate for liner crusher

In order to overcome the existing shortcomings, a new type of jaw crusher lining plate is proposed, which can improve the service life of jaw crusher, improve the efficiency of ore breaking, eliminate the hidden danger of safety and prevent the liner from loosening.

3. Improvement of jaw crusher liner

The new lining plate structure is composed of lining plate body, back hollow weight reducing hole, locking block hole, reinforcing rib, anti loose fixed block, lifting hole, etc.

(1) Design lining plate: under the condition that the strength and rigidity meet the ore breaking requirements of the block design, ingeniously design the back hollow weight reducing hole, basically keep the weight of the liner, increase the thickness of the movable jaw liner by 80mm, and increase the thickness of the fixed jaw liner by 80mm, so as to improve the ore breaking life of the liner;

(2) In order to prevent the liner from loosening, a fixed clamping block hole is designed on the back of the liner plate. The overall dimension is (150 ~ 160) x (130 ~ 150) X40 mm, which corresponds to the clamping block on the jaw body of jaw crusher;

(3) A block to prevent the liner from loosening is designed on the jaw body of jaw crusher, and 30x45 is punched. The welding groove is welded on the moving jaw body, and the overall dimension is (140 ~ 150) x (120 ~ 140) x (25 ~ 35) mm, corresponding to the fixed clamping block hole on the jaw liner of jaw crusher;

(4) Design lifting hole, Ф 60 ~ Ф 80, hydraulic automatic adjustment of ore discharge port device, etc., so as to reduce labor intensity of workers and achieve the purpose of safe and economic crushing iron ore.

The scheme adopted: using the principle of "TRIZ design", the hollow weight reducing hole of the lining plate is designed on the back of the lining plate to avoid the impact of iron ore on the hollow hole, at the same time, the reinforcing rib is designed, and the Ф 180 / Ф 70 round table reinforcing rib is designed at the fixed bolt to improve the strength and rigidity of the lining plate; It can prolong the service life of lining plate, reduce the replacement times and unsafe factors, reduce the production cost and labor intensity of maintenance workers, so as to achieve the purpose of safe, economic and efficient crushing.

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