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Manganese ore dryer


The ferromanganese is tetragonal crystal system. The crystal is tetragonal biconical, and also polycrystalline. It is usually a granular aggregate. Black, brown black. Semi metallic luster. The hardness is 5-6 and the density is 4.70-4.90g/cm3. Dissolve in hydrochloric acid and precipitate chlorine. They are typical high temperature hydrothermal and contact metasomatic minerals. It occurs in contact metasomatic deposits, hydrothermal deposits and sedimentary metamorphic manganese deposits, and is associated with limonite. After separation, the black manganese ore can be widely used in metallurgy, batteries, matches, light industry, machinery, electronics, national defense, ceramics, glass, agriculture, dyes, environmental protection and other departments.

Among the black manganese ore dressing miners, dryer Is an important equipment, related to concentrate separation, for this reason, we Hongxing Machinery to create a black manganese ore dryer.

Equipment introduction

 Manganese ore dryer

The black manganese ore dryer is a rotary dryer, which is mainly composed of rotary cylinder, induced draft equipment, high-speed dispersing equipment, lifting plate, self-cleaning device, transmission device, conveying equipment, hot air equipment, reducer, support device and sealing device. The dryer has reasonable design, excellent production, stable performance, advanced technology, high output, low energy consumption, small occupation area and high mechanization.

Performance characteristics

1. The new internal structure strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed materials, eliminates the sticking phenomenon on the inner wall of the cylinder, and is more adaptable to the moisture and viscosity of materials;

2. The large chain link cleaning chain is welded in the hopper of the lifting plate, which strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction function of the chain to the dispersed materials, and can effectively prevent the material from sticking inside and outside the lifting plate and on the inner wall of the drum;

3. The new feeding and discharging device reduces the load of dust removal system by blocking, discontinuous, uneven and returning materials;

4. The safety factor of the transmission system is enlarged by 20-30 times respectively, which fully adapts to the all-weather and long-time continuous operation of coal gasification and chemical industry, and provides sufficient standard moisture content of black manganese ore for high and stable production.

5. The operation parameters can be changed according to different material properties, so that the material can form a completely broken fabric curtain in the dryer cylinder, so that the mass and heat exchange is more sufficient;

6. It has the advantages of strong overload resistance, large processing capacity, less fuel consumption and drying.

Drying process of manganese ore

Under the condition of keeping the dried lignite unchanged, the manganese ore dryer adopts low temperature four-stage drying process to evaporate the moisture content of manganese ore below 13%.

In addition, the moisture content of lignite is not easy to change at high temperature;

Secondary drying area: temperature 300 ℃, high-yield water removal through medium temperature strong induced draft to ensure no coking of lignite;

Three stage drying area: temperature 120 ℃ - 210 ℃, using the crushing device in the drum to repeatedly impact and disperse the materials, and then dry them downstream;

Four stage drying area: high exhaust area, room temperature 60 ℃ - 80 ℃, low temperature hot air with negative pressure of induced draft system to remove water.

Operating skills of manganese ore dryer

(1) Before the dryer is started to use, the power supply should be connected and the fixed position of the rotary drum is correct. Connect the power supply, open the upper cover, turn on the motor switch, and let the rotary cylinder run in idle state. The direction of rotation should be the same as that of the arrow in the shell. After connecting the heating wire for 5 working hours, there is no hot air discharged. Stop the electric heating wire and check whether the air outlet is blocked.

(2) The cover should be put down in the drying work. The loading and unloading of the workpiece should be stopped. Attention should be paid to the uniform distribution of the workpiece in the rotating drum. Otherwise, the centrifugal force will not be parallel and the dehydrator will shake violently. Do not overload or overfill the rotating drum. If the drying workpiece is small and dense, or easy to store liquid, centrifugal drying 1-2 should be carried out first, and then the rotating micro unit should be taken out, and the workpiece should be heated and centrifugally dried to achieve satisfactory results.

(3) To stop the rotor, first turn off the motor, and then step on the brake plate, but remember not to brake without turning off the motor. The dryer can be used for centrifugal drying without heating, but the motor can not be shut down for heating and drying alone.

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