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The significance and application of Mechatronics in slime dryer

With the rapid development of Science in China, the development of coal mining machinery in China has been greatly improved—— coal slime dryer The performance of the electronic control device is becoming more and more popular, the complexity of the structure and the maintenance of the performance is increasing, the mechatronics came into being and has been widely used in the slime dryer.

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1、 Development status of Mechatronics

In the 1960s, China began to apply Mechatronics in practice. In the 1990s, with the continuous development and maturity of computers and networks, mechatronics began to be widely used Slime drying and efficient utilization of equipment resources Step, and leap forward development. In recent years, mechatronics has been widely used in various fields of coal mine processing enterprises. However, there is still a gap between China's mechatronics and foreign advanced level. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the application of mechatronics and increase the research on mechatronics.

2、 Significance of electromechanical integration in slime dryer

1. Conducive to safe production

Mechanical and electrical integration is conducive to safe production. Coal mine production often operates in a cold, humid and dusty environment, which is harmful to the health of workers. After the application of electromechanical integration to the dryer, on the one hand, it can reduce manual work and optimize the working environment; on the other hand, the introduction of Mechatronics can automatically control information technology, and it can also be used for automatic control The real-time power change of mechanical equipment can automatically change the speed of dust remover, shearer, dryer and other mechanical equipment, greatly reducing the wear of slime dryer.

2. It can improve work efficiency

Although many enterprises begin to carry out coal mining and drying operation, the mechanization level of dryer is not high, and the labor intensity of coal miners is still very high. After the use of mechatronics, it can replace a large number of labor workers or ordinary machinery and equipment, save human resources, effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

3. It is beneficial to improve economic benefits

Mechanical and electrical integration is conducive to improve the economic benefits of coal mining enterprises, mainly because: (1) it greatly saves material resources, human resources, labor costs and other mechanical equipment use and maintenance costs. ② Coal mine production automation operation, labor productivity has been improved. ③ The safety situation of employees has been guaranteed and the working environment has been improved.

3、 Application of Mechatronics in slime dryer

1. Online monitoring, fault diagnosis and automatic alarm

Its monitoring system has been widely installed or used in most coal mines. The monitoring system can effectively monitor the mining system, braking system, kinetic energy system, hydraulic system and transportation system. If the monitored object is abnormal, the monitoring system can send out an alarm in time, and the monitoring system has a strong advantage.

(1) It can automatically diagnose whether the system is out of order and the cause.

(2) The alarm can be sent out timely and accurately.

(3) It can improve the service life of the equipment.

(4) It can reduce the cost and time of maintenance.

(5) It can effectively improve the management level of the person in charge of safety.

2. Improve semi automation or automation of equipment

The automatic or semi-automatic control of slime dryer can greatly reduce or reduce the safety problems caused by human error operation, and also can reduce the operation difficulty of workers and effectively improve labor productivity.

3. Applied to energy conservation and emission reduction

Information programming can control the electrical energy consumption of hydraulic press, dryer, conveyor and other machinery at a reasonable level, avoid the phenomenon of insufficient loading or overload caused by personnel operation, and can quantitatively transmit raw coal, greatly reduce the power consumption, improve the coal mine production efficiency, optimize the industrial energy consumption structure, and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

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