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Check the main coal preparation equipment of coal preparation plant at present

The development of coal preparation is the need of environmental protection and an important part of sustainable development strategy of coal industry. However, a large number of coal burning has caused serious environmental problems, and will become increasingly serious with the increase of coal production and consumption. In order to protect the environment, developing clean coal is the inevitable choice of coal industry. Coal preparation is the basis of clean coal and is a mature and economic means at this stage. Therefore, in the initial stage of clean coal, the development of coal preparation equipment should be accelerated.

1. Screening machinery

 Vibrating screening machine

The working principle of screening machine is to use porous working face to classify coal with different particle size. Due to the high separation accuracy, convenient operation, large processing capacity, simple and convenient on-site maintenance and other reasons, the dense medium coal preparation is widely used.

Vibration screening machinery is based on the size of screening, generally installed after the feeding equipment. Vibration sieve According to the characteristics of materials, there are flip screen, arc screen, roller screen, probability screen and so on.

2. Crusher

There are two main types of coal crushing operation: open circuit crushing and closed circuit crushing. The open circuit crushing system has no requirements on the particle size of the crushing products, and the crushing products of the closed circuit crushing system are generally smaller than the specified size, while other crushers can not meet the requirements. In the closed-circuit crushing system, the crushed products that can not pass through the sieve will return to the crusher for crushing until they pass through the sieve hole completely.

(1) Toothed roll crusher

 Toothed roll crusher

There are two kinds of toothed roller crushers commonly used in coal preparation plant, which are single tooth and double tooth. The toothed roller crusher has small crushing degree and low kinetic energy consumption, but its roller teeth are easy to wear. In coal preparation plant, it is suitable for crushing large pieces of raw coal. The single toothed roller crusher is composed of large tooth rotary roller and jaw plate which can be adjusted at will. The crushing process of materials in the crusher is splitting and squeezing An action of. Double toothed roll crusher also known as Roller crusher The mechanism of high productivity is formed by high-speed rotation of special wear-resistant toothed roller. The double toothed roller crusher is composed of transmission device, frame part, crushing roller, mechanical spring device and linkage The toothed roller crusher has large crushing capacity, the motor and reducer are connected by a limited distance hydraulic coupling to prevent kinetic energy overload, and the sensor overload protection is safe and reliable.

(2) Jaw crusher

 Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher At the same time, it also has the functions of bending, impact and grinding. Jaw crushers mainly have simple swing type and complex swing type. Jaw crusher is reliable and can crush hard materials, but its working mode is intermittent, so it has low processing capacity and can be used for crushing raw coal with large and hard particles. Jaw crusher is often used in medium and small coal preparation plants.

3. Dense medium cyclone

The coal separation principle of heavy medium cyclone is based on Archimedes law. The raw coal to be separated is placed in a certain density suspension. The material lower than the suspension density floats is a light product, and the material sinking higher than the suspension density is a heavy product. This separation method is screened according to the material density, so the separation accuracy is high, and it can also be used for the difficult to separate coal and the hard to separate coal It is extremely difficult to clean coal.

There are two main types of dense medium hydrocyclones: cylinder conical and cylindrical; there are two kinds of feeding methods: pressurized feeding and pressureless feeding. There are two types of dense medium hydrocyclones: two product dense medium hydrocyclones and three product dense medium hydrocyclones.

(1) Two product heavy medium cyclone

The main structure of the non pressure feeding cylindrical heavy medium cyclone is a cylinder. The separated raw coal and suspension are respectively fed into the cyclone. After the raw coal is fed into the cyclone from the top center, under the action of centrifugal force, the high-density heavy products are stratified from the axis to the wall according to the density, and the high-density heavy products arrive at the cyclone wall with the external spiral flow and are discharged from the underflow port Due to the barrier to the non-uniform density layer, the particles close to the separation density are unable to penetrate, and are discharged from the overflow port with the internal spiral flow.

(2) Three product heavy medium cyclone

Three product dense medium cyclone is a kind of dense medium cyclone which is composed of cylindrical cyclone and conical cyclone in series. The separation of this kind of dense medium cyclone is mainly divided into two steps. The first step is to use low-density suspension for primary separation. After raw coal and low-density suspension are mixed, clean coal and re separation feed are selected under the centrifugal force of cylindrical cyclone In the second step, the heavy coal and gangue are subdivided.

4. Classifier


classifier It is an earlier mineral processing equipment, whose working principle is to separate by the specific gravity difference of materials. The mineral raw materials with different weight and weight have different settling speed in the vertical alternating water flow. The mineral with higher specific gravity has a faster settling speed, occupying the lower part of the classifier separation tank, and the mineral with smaller specific gravity occupies the upper part of the separation tank, and the weight is different through special weir plate According to the specific gravity of the minerals.

In addition, it is not driven by the air in the top of the screen, which is driven by the air separator directly.

The water flow in the classifier does not fluctuate. When the moving screen rises, the particles have no relative movement relative to the sieve plate. When the particles move downward in the moving screen, the relative resistance of the particles to the moving sieve is caused by the downward movement of the particles in the moving screen. The layered light materials cross the overflow weir and fall into the back section of the elevator wheel, which is lifted and poured into the clean coal chute and discharged out of the machine; the heavy products are discharged by the discharge and grinding wheel, and dropped into the front section of the lifting wheel, and lifted and dumped out of the machine by the lifting wheel; the stone slag falls into the bottom of the cone and is discharged by the discharge gate elevator.

The advantages of the classifier are that the process is simple and the investment is saved. Compared with the previous heavy medium discharge research and the traditional classification discharge research, the classifier can save multiple investment, so it is applied in small coal preparation plants, but the domestic small coal preparation plants have been gradually banned.

It is urgent to improve the equipment of coal preparation plant to improve the washing process. To promote the industrialization of coal preparation and equipment, and to vigorously develop the coal separation technology is the key to improve the economic and social benefits of coal enterprises.

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