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Operation adjustment of ball mill in initial stage of production

Ball mill yes Cement production process But in many cases, the selection of ball mill or other aspects will affect the grinding of ball mill, and then affect the operation and output of the whole cement production line. Red star as a ball mill manufacturer, can do is to help customers avoid similar situations. Next, we take a cement process which has just run as an example to observe the operation of the ball mill, adjust and analyze the operation after adjustment.

 Ball mill

1. Initial operation of ball mill

In the early stage of the ball mill operation, we conducted the final grinding test of the ball mill cement. All the circulating air valves were opened to ensure that the V-type separator could meet the design air volume and have a high separation efficiency. At the same time, all the powder returned from the dynamic separator was returned to the feeding bin of the ball mill.

By observing the operation, it can be seen that the pressure of the ball mill is kept at 10MPa at this time, and the operating power of the ball mill is obviously increased to about 78% by increasing the pulling air of the circulating fan and the opening of the inclined inserting plate. The reason for this phenomenon is that the separation efficiency of the V-type separator is improved, and the fine powder content of the ball mill is reduced. Although the ball mill still has a small fluctuation, its stability is better than before Great improvement, corresponding work increase. At this time, the output can be stably controlled at 125 ~ 130t / h, and the specific surface area is 3200cm2 / g, so the operation is ideal.

It can be seen from the observation that the production area of the ball mill is more than 320t / cm2 when the ball mill is used for production of 130t ~ 24h. The operation output of the ball mill itself can reach 65t / h. generally speaking, increasing the ball mill does not increase the output due to the fact that the small ball mill can not meet the requirements of the large ball mill. Therefore, this is also the future ball mill further large-scale and ball mill further small standardization must face the problem.

2. After adjustment, observe the operation of ball mill again

After a series of adjustment, the operation of the ball mill was observed again. After the start-up, the operation stability of the ball mill was stable, and the phenomenon of full grinding of the mill was reduced.

On the premise of meeting the design output requirements, even if the clinker ratio is as high as 90% and the specific surface area is 3642cm2 / g (close to pure silicon cement), the power consumption of main equipment is only 25.9kwh/t, and the comprehensive power consumption of the system is only 28.6kwh/t, which is the embodiment of better energy saving of ball mill. According to the measurement, the operating power of the ball mill is only 64% of the rated power. If the inner structure of the mill is further adjusted, there is still a large space for increasing production and the power consumption will be further reduced. In the increasingly urgent situation of energy saving and consumption reduction, this configuration form will undoubtedly be more and more widely used. However, with the further increase of the size of the ball mill and the further reduction of the size of the ball mill, there are more obvious problems such as the stability of the ball mill operation and the full grinding of the ball mill. In order to ensure the efficient operation of this kind of system, we believe that:

(1) Reliable feeding system of ball mill;

(2) Smooth wind path, efficient cake dispersion and dispersion function;

(3) High efficiency V-type separator separation efficiency;

(4) High efficiency dynamic separator separation efficiency;

(5) The internal structure and gradation of the ball mill are suitable for the ball mill;

(6) The technological form of a new type of mixed grinding system (three separation separator type) is adopted.

The above is the operation problems and transformation of the ball mill summarized by the manufacturer of red star ball mill, Maintenance and energy saving measures of cement ball mill It will also be on the agenda. For more details, please continue to pay attention to the website of red star company.

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