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Essential elements for safe operation of mine equipment

With the development and innovation of science and technology, China's mining equipment continues to innovate, but the current development and actual production status of mining enterprises have not been able to meet the requirements of the operation of mining equipment in time, resulting in frequent safety failures in the normal production process of mining equipment, and seriously threatening the normal production and development of mining enterprises.

In order to improve the influencing factors of the safety performance of mining equipment and improve the safety operation efficiency of mining equipment, mining enterprises should introduce a large number of "he" type operators, so that they can play a role in the production and management of mining equipment, and can timely carry out the safety of the equipment, ensure that they can play a normal role and reduce safety The occurrence of the mine equipment creates a safe production environment for the normal operation of mining equipment, and then promotes the development of mining enterprises.

 Mining equipment

1. Operation personnel training

In order to effectively improve the influencing factors of the safety performance of mining equipment, first of all, we should strengthen the management of the normal operation of mining equipment to ensure the safety of enterprises in the process of mine production. The continuous introduction of mining equipment operators can mainly be from the specialized Colleges and universities carry out personnel recruitment, and constantly cultivate compound talents, so that they can fully master the basic mining equipment use skills. Enterprises can also hire targeted knowledge of the equipment to give lectures or on-the-spot explanation to the operators of mining equipment, strengthen the mastery of the performance of mining equipment, actively accumulate experience in daily work, and constantly improve the working level, so as to provide basic guarantee for the safe use and operation of mining equipment.

At present, in the development process of mining enterprises, from the consideration of the nature of the equipment, directly to the specialized or specialized mining equipment Open recruitment can ensure that the staff recruited by mining enterprises can have the skills and ability to maintain and repair and maintain the mining equipment. At the same time, in the process of purchasing mining equipment, mining enterprises also begin to require relevant suppliers to provide the use function and maintenance work of the equipment, and send relevant personnel to carry out the mining equipment So that the equipment operators can timely understand and master the use and operation skills of the equipment.

2. Supervision and maintenance

It is also necessary to strengthen the maintenance of mining equipment, formulate effective equipment operation index and system, ensure the normal operation of mining equipment, prevent operation with equipment, and arrange The personnel should supervise the work, prevent the violation of laws and regulations, and ensure the safety of mining equipment into the production and operation. Mining enterprises should provide strong environmental guarantee for the normal and safe operation of mining equipment.

At the same time, mining enterprises also set up relevant supervision departments to conduct on-the-spot supervision during the working process, so as to ensure the safety of mining equipment, standardize the actual work of relevant mine equipment operators, ensure the normal use of the whole mining equipment, and avoid the stagnation of the equipment in the use process In order to ensure the normal operation of the mining equipment in the process of use, and to ensure the safety of the mining process, and provide security for the production and development of the entire mining enterprise.

In the development process of heavy industry in China, mining enterprises play a very important role. They can not only provide a large number of mineral resources for the development of heavy industry in China, but also provide basic energy for China's economic development, constantly meet the needs of China's national strength development and economic development, and at the same time fully improve the production efficiency of mining enterprises and improve mineral resources The production quantity of the source and. In mining enterprises, mining equipment is the basic and important production and mining equipment. Using advanced science, mining equipment can effectively improve the production efficiency and improve the product quality. Of course, the premise is that personnel are in place, and corresponding supervision and maintenance policies are formulated to ensure the safe operation of mining equipment.

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