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New equipment and control of rotary kiln burner

The burner is installed at the kiln head of rotary kiln, which is the core device of rotary kiln roasting and heating. Its heating mode, heating capacity, combustion efficiency and service life directly affect the economic indicators of rotary kiln. For a long time, the service life of the burner is short due to the short service life. below Hongxing rotary kiln manufacturer In view of this problem, the countermeasures are summarized.

 Rotary kiln

1. New structure of protective liner for burner

The temperature in the front of the rotary kiln is 1 ~ 1250 ℃ in the front of the rotary kiln. In order to prevent the burner from deforming at high temperature, a heat-resistant protective lining body is arranged on the outside of the front end of the burner.

In the present, the lower part of the front end of the burner is usually poured first, and then demoulded after curing, and then the burner is rotated 180 ° and then the other half is poured and demoulded. This method has the problems of complicated construction process, loose connection between upper and lower parts of castables, and easy to produce cracks under high temperature, resulting in falling off.

In view of the above problems, a kind of heat-resistant layer structure and construction method is developed, which is convenient for construction, has good integrity of refractory layer castable and can prolong the service life of burner. The main steps are as follows:

(1) A plurality of burners are anchored to the outer wall of the front end.

(2) A supporting framework is arranged on the periphery of the front end of the burner. The supporting framework comprises a supporting rod group and an annular ring arranged in turn.

(3) Cover and fix the support frame with covering layer. The covering layer is made of iron sheet and fixed on the supporting framework with iron wire.

(4) Several pouring holes are opened on the covering layer.

(5) The refractory is poured through the pouring hole.

(6) Demould after the refractory solidifies.

This method does not need formwork, which is fast, convenient and continuous. The whole set of burner insulation layer is formed at one time, which ensures the integrity and bearing strength of the insulation lining. The support framework and pouring hole are staggered to ensure the uniform distribution of refractory and prolong the service life of burner in high temperature environment of rotary kiln.

2. Burner controlled combustion

The rotary kiln is a slender cylinder thermal equipment, its diameter is about 4-6m, the length is 30-60m, and the burner is located at the kiln head of the rotary kiln. Due to the operation parameters or structure reasons, the flame generated by the burner often causes partial burning, which causes strong erosion on the kiln lining and shortens the service life of the lining. According to the working characteristics of rotary kiln burner, the distribution of temperature field and velocity field in rotary kiln is obtained, and the operation parameters are obtained, which provides guidance for controlling the flame shape and prolonging the service life of lining.

The temperature in the rotary kiln is located in the middle of the rotary kiln. After the air and gas leave the burner, they continue to mix, diffuse and burn, forming a long flame in the rotary kiln, accompanied by partial burning. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize and adjust the operating parameters. According to experience, the direct wind speed outside the burner is a key parameter affecting the shape and length of the flame. Therefore, on the basis of other parameters unchanged, the wind speed can be found by changing the external direct wind speed several times.

The results show that when the external direct wind speed is less than 120m / s, the flame shape is inclined upward, and the faster the external direct wind speed is, the smaller the flame tilt angle is. At this time, the flame is in direct contact with the kiln lining, which is easy to cause high temperature scouring on the kiln lining, thus shortening the service life of the kiln lining. However, when the wind speed reaches 120 m / s, the flame shape begins to change significantly, the high temperature zone begins to move down, and the flame is no longer inclined, but is located at the center line of the kiln. At this time, the flame will not directly contact with the kiln lining and can ensure the baking thermal system of the materials in the kiln. However, the results of the external direct wind speed of 140m / s and 120m / s are not different, but the faster wind speed means higher wind pressure and operation cost Ben. Therefore, on the whole, when the external direct wind speed is about 120m / s, it should be the result.

Through years of R & D and production practice, our Red Star rotary kiln manufacturer has developed a series of key points to solve the problems existing in the burner, which greatly extends the applicability and service life of the burner. At the same time, it provides sexual support for rotary kiln to be more efficient and convenient for production.

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