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Application status and innovation improvement of ball mill liner

Midi Concentrator Ball mill Since the use of wear-resistant liner, serious wear and frequent replacement of liner often occur, which increases the maintenance frequency of ball mill, improves the labor intensity of liner replacement workers, and greatly affects the normal production of the company's mineral processing. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the wear resistance of the ball mill liner, so as to improve the service life of the liner.

 ball mill lining

1、 Application status of ball mill liner

The main units using wear-resistant lining plate of ball mill in mining industry are Midi Concentrator and Baima concentrator.

With the increase of production tasks year by year in Midi Concentrator, the ore processing capacity is also increasing year by year, and the operation efficiency of ball mill is also improving. In 1997, the operating efficiency of the ball mill was about 87%. The service life of the high manganese steel liner used in the first stage ball mill was 8-10, and the second stage grinding was mainly fine grinding. The impact of the material on the lining plate was small and the grinding effect was strong. The service life of the lining plate made of high manganese steel was 12-18, which was equal to the domestic level at the same period. In 2007, the operating efficiency of the ball mill was 91%, and the raw ore handling capacity was 11494622kt; in 2008, the operating efficiency of the ball mill was 94.12%, and the raw ore processing capacity was 12072501kt; in 2009, the operation efficiency of the ball mill was 95.57%, and the raw ore processing capacity was 12119015kt. Compared with 1997, the operation rate of ball mill increased by 9.9% in 2009, and the raw ore processing capacity in 2010 increased by 13.56% compared with 2006. Especially in 2011, the ore appeared a more prominent new situation of grinding and beneficiation. At the same time, under the condition of iron ore grade, the output of iron concentrate in 2010 increased by 31.7% compared with 2006, which means that the grinding time of ore in ball mill is longer. With the increase of the operation rate of the ball mill, the wear resistance of the lining plate is required to be higher.

The ore processed by ball mill in Baima concentrator is mainly weathered ore. The hardness of the ore is low, and the impact on the ball mill liner is small. When the ball mill liner suitable for Midi Concentrator is used in the ball mill of Baima concentrator, the work hardening ability of high manganese steel can not be fully reflected. For example, the lining has been worn through before the service life (10).

2、 Research difficulties and innovations

1. Research difficulties

(1) Due to the complexity of ore properties, the increase of dense earth mill operation rate year by year and the increase of ore processing capacity, higher requirements are put forward for the wear resistance of lining plate.

(2) The existing lost foam casting process has shortcomings.

(3) The existing product formula can not meet the requirements of different working conditions.

2. Innovation

(1) The formula of different wear-resistant parts was studied Steel lining design and Application

(2) Accurate control of foam density.

(3) It can improve the strength, permeability and peeling off of the coating.

(4) A new buried method and gating system design suitable for different products are developed.

(5) The heat treatment process of different wear-resistant parts was studied.

3、 Improvement contents and main economic indicators

According to the impact force of different parts of the ball mill and the different working conditions, the optimized composition and formulation were selected for different products under different working conditions; the casting production process system of wear-resistant lining plate of ball mill was studied, and the process design of different gating system, buried box process and heat treatment process was carried out for EPS (polystyrene) with different density. In order to improve the service life of ball mill liner, the wear-resistant parts are increased.

Main economic indicators:

(1) It can meet the requirements of high operation rate of the first and second stage ball mills of Midi Concentrator, the continuous improvement of ore processing capacity, the condition of hard grinding and difficult separation of ore, and the increasing output of iron concentrate year by year. The service life of wear-resistant lining plate remains unchanged or slightly extended.

(2) The wear of wear-resistant lining plate of ball mill is reduced by 10% on the basis of 2009.

analysis ball mill lining The existing problems, find the right direction and goal for improvement, the problem will be solved. Hongxing mining machinery manufacturers mainly produce crushing, mineral processing and other series of products, ball mill is the main equipment of our plant, I plant for the use of ball mill status updated production, to ensure that the ball mill can be more operational production.

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