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Problems existing in commissioning of cement grinding system and

The cement grinding system adopts the relatively mature and advanced grinding technology at present, but to achieve the purpose of stable high production and low consumption of the system, we must adjust the balance of the system and give full play to the system function. Through a lot of hard and meticulous work, the cement grinding mill of our company has achieved better results, and will be gradually adjusted and optimized in the actual process. The following with the red star company analysis of its debugging process problems and problems.

1. Problems in debugging

In the debugging process of the system, due to the lack of experience, several parameters of the cement mill system are not controlled accurately, and the functions of the two subsystems are not fully utilized, resulting in the low output per hour. Therefore, the fine powder port of the V-type separator is opened first to let these particles enter the mill directly. However, due to the small average ball diameter of the first bin steel ball of the mill in the system, the impact crushing capacity of the material is insufficient After extensive consultation, the fine powder port of the V-type separator was closed, so that these materials and coarse particles could continue to be rolled back to the cement mill. The problem of full grinding in production is basic. However, with the increase of circulating load rate of cement mill system and the increase of load of 3401 hoist and circulating fan, the high-speed gear of reducer of 3401 hoist is frequently damaged, and the impeller and casing of circulating fan are seriously worn, which makes it difficult for the equipment to operate normally. Meanwhile, the per hour output of the mill is still low, and the production of p.o42.5r cement is only about 160t / h. Therefore, we adjust the thinking, starting from adjusting the balance and parameters of the two subsystems, so as to achieve the purpose of stable high yield and low consumption of the whole system.

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2. Commissioning of cement mill system

The main factors affecting the normal operation of the cement mill system include: the uniformity of material particle size, whether the equipment itself is in good condition (such as the wear degree of grinding medium, the clearance of side baffle, the wear degree of the dispersing plate of V-type separator, etc.) and the working parameters of the cement mill. Under the premise of controlling the particle size of the material ≤ 80mm and the equipment being in good condition, the working parameters of the system are adjusted.

(1) Working pressure

Only when the working pressure is properly selected according to the nature of the material can it be obtained The principle of selecting the working pressure is as follows: on the premise of meeting the technological performance of extruded materials, reduce the working pressure as much as possible, whether the working pressure is appropriate, find out the material particles with complete shape from the taken out cake, and see whether they can be crushed by hand. If most materials can be crushed, the pressure selection is basically appropriate. In the early stage of commissioning, the pressure of cement mill was too small and the material pressure was not fine. The stable warehouse rose rapidly and was forced to reduce the output. After several adjustments, we chose the working pressure of 8.0-9.5mpa in production.

(2) Cake thickness

The adjustment of cake thickness is mainly to determine the reasonable working gap. If the gap is too small, the cake is too thin and lack of elasticity, which will increase the vibration of the equipment; if the gap is too large and the cake is too thick, the current will increase, and at the same time, the pressure of small particles will not be fine. The thickness of material cake mainly depends on the original gap of cement mill. The manufacturer suggests that the original gap should be set at 13-14mm. After repeated adjustment, the thickness of material cake is controlled at 22-24mm.

(3) Adjustment of material return in extrusion and crushing system

It is not enough to select the proper parameters of the cement mill for the operation state of the extrusion and crushing system. First of all, select a reasonable amount of cement mill return material, when the feed particle size is large and the particle distribution is uneven, appropriately increase the amount of return material, fill the gap between large particles of material, to achieve material layer crushing, so as to increase extrusion To ensure the smooth and stable operation of the cement mill; when the feed particle size is small and the particle distribution is more uniform, appropriately reducing the amount of return material can increase the amount of new material and increase the system output under the condition that the excess of cement mill is constant. Our company generally controls the return of cement mill to about 150% - 200% of feed. Adjust the return volume, mainly by adjusting the circulating air volume, reduce the circulating air volume, increase the return material, reduce the circulating air volume, and reduce the return material. At the same time, the amount of returned material also determines the fineness of the material into the mill. Through many experiments, the specific surface area of the grinding material reaches 180-200kg / m2, which is ideal.

(4) Control the stable bin level

The stable bin material level can stabilize the excess material flow of the cement mill, ensure the smooth operation of the cement mill system, and the current of the mill hoist and the cement mill hoist are basically stable. The volume of the stable bin is 24m3, and we control it at about 70% - 80%. At the same time, whether the level of stable bin is stable is one of the parameters to judge whether the system is normal or not.

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