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Introduction to each process unit of cement production process

Cement production process can be generally summarized as "three grinding and one kiln", and also includes raw material preparation: that is, lime raw material, clay raw material and a small amount of correction raw material are crushed, mixed in a certain proportion, ground and blended into raw material with appropriate composition and uniform quantity and quality. The coal required for coal preparation and cement raw meal calcination must be prepared into pulverized coal to provide the required particle size for pulverized coal combustion, so as to facilitate full combustion and obtain sufficient combustion reaction capacity. Clinker calcination: the raw material is calcined in the cement kiln until it is partially melted to obtain Portland cement clinker with main components and cement grinding. The clinker is grinded into cement by adding appropriate amount of gypsum, mixed materials or additives, and packaged and delivered. Taking a 2500t production line as an example, the comprehensive cement production process is introduced in sections for reference.

1. Main equipment cement mill

 Cement mill

In the process of cement production, at least 3 tons of materials (including various raw materials, fuels, clinker, mixture and gypsum) should be grinded for each ton of Portland cement production. According to statistics, the kinetic energy consumed by grinding operation of dry process cement production line accounts for more than 60% of the kinetic energy of the whole plant, of which raw meal grinding accounts for more than 30%, coal grinding accounts for about 3%, and cement grinding accounts for about 40%.

Cement mill Compared with other grinding equipment, it has the following advantages: 1) high grinding efficiency; 2) high drying efficiency; 3) large particle size of grinding materials; 4) strong adaptability to grinding materials; 5) simple process flow, compact layout and low maintenance cost.

The common cement mill is composed of shell, roller device, transmission device, pressure device, pressure stabilizing device, material layer regulating device, internal screening device and control system. Grinding roller is the main part of rolling materials, which is composed of roll sleeve, roller core, shaft, bearing, roller support, etc. Under the action of external pressure, the grinding roller is used to grind the material. The grinding plate is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer, and the annular material retaining ring installed on the grinding plate and the screening annular groove fixed on the frame are combined to form a screening device, which makes the large particle materials circulate and grind, and maintains a certain thickness of the material layer. The milled materials are discharged from the machine body through the discharge device.

2. Pulverized coal preparation

The raw coal is fed into the coal mill system through the raw coal bunker and the quantitative feeder. The pulverized coal is dried and grinded in the mill. The pulverized coal is brought into the dynamic separator of the coal mill by the grinding gas, and the coarse powder is returned to the powder again, and the fine powder enters the special dust collector, and the collected pulverized coal is sent to the pulverized coal bunker.

3. Limestone crushing

Limestone is usually crushed in mines or production workshops. Most of limestone in China is of medium hardness, which is generally used Hammer crusher And its matching plate feeder and Belt conveyor Generally, the surplus capacity is 1.3 ~ 1.5 times.

4. Transportation of raw coal

In cement production, the main equipment for material transportation is leather / belt conveyor.

5. Stacking, crushing and transportation of auxiliary raw materials

The belt crusher is the auxiliary equipment.

6. Process unit: combined pre homogenization and conveying

Pre homogenization is the homogenization before grinding to improve the homogeneity of raw meal and provide conditions for stable calcination.

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