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Development and characteristics of cement grinding

Cement mill After more than 30 years of development and optimization, it has gradually occupied the majority of the domestic cement grinding market. With the further application and continuous improvement of cement mill, the system is more perfect and objective. The unified and coordinated attention to the system output and cement product performance gradually replaces the propaganda of system output and power consumption advancement. The characteristics and development process of cement mill are analyzed in detail below.

 Cement mill

1、 Characteristics of cement mill cement grinding system

According to the role of cement mill in cement grinding system, the development of cement grinding process in China can be divided into: pre grinding system, mixed grinding system, combined grinding system, semi final grinding system and final grinding system. These grinding systems have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of process flow and energy saving, but their general evolution trend follows two principles: (1) the proportion of work done by cement mill in the whole grinding process is getting higher and higher; (2) the function of cement mill in the whole grinding process is becoming more and more independent.

2、 Development of cement mill

Generally, the cement grinding side material circulation mode is adopted in the pre grinding process, which can increase the system capacity by nearly 50% and reduce the power consumption by 15%. However, compared with the traditional primary closed circuit grinding system of ball mill, the pre grinding process has made a great leap forward in energy saving and production increase. And this process has the characteristics of low investment and simple process, but its power saving range and production increase efficiency are lower than the rest of the cement grinding process, so it only gets more application in the early application of cement mill cement grinding.

The control circuit of the mixed grinding system is long and the adjustment is slow, and the grinding task of the cement mill in the system is not much different from that of the pre grinding system, and the production and energy saving are not obvious, but the process flow is more complex than the pre grinding system, so it is rarely used in actual production.

The combined grinding system makes full use of the energy-saving grinding advantages of the cement mill. The coarse material circulation closed-circuit system composed of the crushing separation equipment and the cement mill can separate the finer particles (generally less than 1.5mm) produced after rolling into the subsequent tube mill for grinding The grinding condition of the mill can improve the grinding efficiency of the whole system. The increase of production can reach 87% and the energy saving range of the system is nearly 30%. Its nearly doubled output and 30% energy-saving efficiency make the system widely used in the industry and quickly become the mainstream cement grinding system in the industry.

With the wide application of the combined grinding system, in the process of analyzing the particle size distribution of the materials in each link of the system, it is found that the content of the material particles less than 80 μ m is more than 50%, and that of the materials less than 45 μ m is about 15%. This part of the materials enter the subsequent tube mill for grinding, which inevitably leads to over grinding phenomenon, which reduces the grinding efficiency of the whole system Therefore, people began to study the pre separation of the raw materials in the combined grinding system into the semi final grinding and final grinding process system of cement products.

Based on the combined grinding system, the semi-final grinding system makes full use of the energy-saving advantages of the cement mill. The fine powder produced after rolling is selected in advance to avoid the phenomenon that the fine powder is mixed in the circulating material, resulting in over grinding in the mill, so as to effectively improve the system output and reduce the system energy consumption. In recent years, after optimizing and improving the pre concentration equipment of cement mill system, the system has been widely used, and two main semi-final grinding processes have been extended. In the industry, it is gradually replacing the combined grinding system and becoming a variety of comprehensive economic cement grinding.

As the proportion of cement in China's economic development is becoming more and more important, Advantages of cement grinding process Increasingly prominent, cement mill as an important cement grinding equipment, its future development is unlimited. Red Star cement mill manufacturers according to the characteristics of cement mill, combined with market development needs, batch design and production of high cost performance cement mill equipment, welcome customers from all over the factory to buy.

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