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Reform of drying system of rotary dryer

The drying equipment for cement production line in a cement plant adopts fluidized bed furnace as hot blast stove Rotary dryer In the process of operation, it is not ideal. It is basically used as a layer combustion furnace, and there are various problems. After careful consideration, the factory entrusted Red Star Machine It should be reformed and optimized. After the adjustment of the boiler, it is obvious that the boiler will be changed into the combustion chamber.

 Rotary dryer

Problems existing in the combustion chamber of fluidized bed boiler

1. Because of the poor cleaning power in the furnace, coal ash is easy to form furnace, which is inconvenient to handle, and seriously affects the continuity and stability of combustion.

2. High quality coal is required to be used to fully burn coal particles, otherwise the utilization rate of coal particles will be very low, which also increases the production cost.

3. The heat efficiency is very low, the drying output is low, the drying is not enough, and the export materials still contain a considerable amount of moisture.

System introduction of three duct pulverized coal combustion chamber

The three channel pulverized coal combustion chamber is a new type of pulverized coal combustion chamber. The primary air and secondary air run through the whole system. The primary air is used to blow the pulverized coal into the furnace hall to ignite it. One of the secondary air is mainly used to absorb the high temperature flue gas flow, increase the combustion intensity, reduce the contact between the pulverized coal flame and the inner wall of the furnace body, and avoid slagging on the inner wall of the furnace and high temperature of the furnace barrel, and the other secondary air Air is mixed with unburned pulverized coal and injected into the dryer cylinder to exchange heat with wet materials, so that the materials can be dried more fully. The test results show that the temperature of the mixture of flame and flue gas is higher than 1000 ℃, and the final moisture content of wet materials out of the dryer is generally controlled at about 3%, which is the problem brought by the combustion chamber of fluidized bed boiler.

Operation analysis of three channel pulverized coal combustion chamber replacing fluidized bed boiler

After a short period of replacement, installation and commissioning, the new rotary dryer runs quickly

1. Low heat loss, high heat loss, high heat loss. After using the device, the output of drying clay can reach 5 t / h. If other materials such as coal and slag are dried, the output will be much higher, while the moisture content of materials will decrease greatly, from 8% to 3%, which is much higher than that before the transformation.

2. Low coal consumption. The designed coal consumption per hour of the device is 300kg. In the process of using, the coal consumption per hour is much lower than this value, and the coal consumption per hour is generally less than 100kg; before the transformation, the coal consumption per hour is as high as 300kg.

3. There is no worry about slag cleaning. All the burned coal ash flows away with the materials in the dryer, so the labor intensity is lower than that of other hot air furnaces.


Obviously, the above-mentioned transformation is successful, the original problems are given, but some new problems are added. Hammer type coal pulverizer is prone to failure, and then simple improvements are made to the hammering plate, the connection mode with the shaft and the connection mode between the hammer head and the hammer plate. So far, the overall transformation is a complete success, and the overall performance of the rotary dryer is very stable. Red Star machine produces rotary dryers of various drying systems, including three duct pulverized coal combustion chamber. If you need, welcome to visit.

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